Atypical season 2, episode 7 recap: ‘The Smudging’


Sam has important life-changing decisions to make on this episode of Atypical as he sets his eyes on applying for college.

Atypical is pushing Sam to his limits this season and his latest task of narrowing down colleges he wants to attend is the next thing on his to-do list. To get through all the drastic changes in his life recently, Sam leaves a weekly voicemail for Julia around their scheduled appointment time. We see a montage of all the moments she has sat and listened to what he has to say but his most recent message of being arrested has left her alarmed.

But thanks to being arrested, Sam now feels ready to go with Paige to the senior lock-in to keep an eye on her in case she sleepwalks. And while Sam may have gotten past the whole escapade, Doug and Elsa are pissed off about the whole situation. Elsa wrote a letter to the Chief of Police but wants Doug to handle the situation since he is a first responder and knows a lot of the guys at the station.

Casey is still trying to make amends with Izzie who refuses to speak with her thanks to misguided information from Nate about the whole thing claiming Casey tried to kiss him instead of the other way around.

College is becoming more and more of a reality for Sam as he is given a task by his counselor to come up with a list of colleges he would like to apply to. This along with coming up with his strengths has Sam reeling a bit but luckily his best friend Zahid is there to support him all the way through.

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Doug pays the police station a visit to discuss the Sam situation and advice the arresting officer that he should have confronted Sam differently. In order to prevent this from happening again, the officer puts up a picture of Sam on the bulletin board so everyone is aware in case a situation arises in the future.

Elsa is making amends in her own way as the season progresses and spends most of it trying to fix the hole in the wall and also giving Doug the freedom to handle the Sam situation. It’s a nice change for the better but it is uncertain if it will pay off in the end.

Given everything that went down with Sam, Doug decides to do something about training and educating first responders to deal with autistic individuals. It’s nice to see Doug excited and enthusiastic about something and it’s a noble cause!

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Sam is still struggling with deciding on colleges and skips out on his meeting with the counselor. Meanwhile, Casey is dealing with more backlash at school because of someone writing “Slut” and “Ho” on her sneakers. High school can be so brutal sometimes, right?

By the episode’s end, Doug asks Elsa to help with him the first responder training, Sam discovers art is one of his strengths, and Elsa buys Casey new shoes as a surprise. Things may not be perfect on Atypical, but for now, they feel like they’re going to be okay.