Fear The Walking Dead season 4, episode 13 recap: ‘Blackjack’


Strand and John get on a boat while the rest of the group starts to reunite in this week’s episode of Fear The Walking Dead.

Fear The Walking Dead, as well as its counterpart series, are known for tearing apart groups only to eventually reunite them at some point.

Such is the case for this week as Morgan’s use of the walkie-talkie is really coming in handy in regards to reuniting the group. Last week, he caught up with Al and June and this week connected him with Charlie, Luciana, and Alicia.

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June is still hoping to find John but the rest of Morgan’s group clearly has no interest. A walker stumbling into their area reveals the motto that we all have come to know on Fear The Walking Dead–“Take what you need, leave what you don’t.”

This saying is written across the walker’s forehead and while June mistakes the walker for Quinn, she soon learns that the filthy woman killed Quinn and is using his walker form as her lackey.

It seems like the filthy woman has learned a lot about Morgan over Al’s tapes in the van and tells him as such over a conversation. She doesn’t want Morgan helping people the way he has because she feels that it makes him weaker.

Credit: AMC

Meanwhile, John and Strand have quite the adventure on this week’s episode as they try to make it across a body of water. However, there is one problem.

A huge, hungry alligator is roaming through the waters. Is this the first time we’ve seen an animal like this on the show? It’s no tiger, but scary nonetheless.

John attempts to distract the alligator by creating a horn he is powering through the car battery. The walkers will hear the noise and go towards it which will keep the alligator preoccupied with eating.

However, the plan fails miserably when the horn stops making noise and the walkers start to turn away. They are left with no choice but to swim right back to their original spot despite John insisting that they could make it.

While on the lookout for Charlie, Luciana comes across a man named Clayton who has been stuck inside a car since the storm. She tries to break him free from the car but if she pulls anything out, it will likely cause him to bleed out anyway.

Clayton has one last wish and that is to drink a beer, and Luciana makes sure he gets it. It appears Luciana gets a lot out of the brief interaction she has with Clayton, which will surely push her forward in the grieving process.

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When Luciana uses the walkie-talkie to thank whoever left the box she found the beer in, she hears Morgan’s voice from the other end. In a similar fashion, Charlie used the walkie-talkie to see if anyone would respond and respond Morgan did.

The episode ends on a dramatic note while Morgan is speaking with Alicia and the filthy woman shows up driving Al’s van behind them–guns ablazing.

Fear The Walking Dead airs every Sunday on AMC at 9 PM EST!