Fear The Walking Dead season 4, episode 12 recap: ‘Weak’


Colman Domingo makes his directorial debut in this week’s Fear The Walking Dead episode as “Mo-Mo” tries to seek out members of the group.

Fear The Walking Dead just took it up a notch and it’s all thanks to Colman Domingo aka Victor Strand. Domingo is the first cast member to take up the director’s chair from The Walking Dead universe and he did not disappoint.

This week’s episode showed Al and Naomi trying to make sense of where they are and where everyone else has gone since the storm’s devastation. Naomi is finding solace by rewatching Al’s videos of John and hoping that he’ll hear her over the walkie-talkie.

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Things got pretty dire for Al and Naomi who ran out of water and fuel to get them out of their current predicament. How exactly were they to find anyone else with no energy and no gas? Meanwhile, their walkie-talkie produced some static noise which unbeknownst to them was Morgan trying to reach out.

Tonya Pinkins as Filthy Woman – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 12 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

With not many options left, Al and Naomi realize they need to get a place that may get better reception (not sure if such a place exists in the zombie apocalypse), and all the while Al realizes that her camera’s battery is drained too as a result of Al watching the videos of John on it over and over again.

Things take a pretty drastic turn when Al falls sick, and there is no medicine in sight. Lucky for them they found an idle truck sitting around which they could use to get around and hopefully procure some medication for Al along the way.

Morgan (aka Mo-Mo, according to Sarah) was on a mission to drop off the care packages along their drive, and reach out to whoever owned the truck they were driving. He had no such luck and also had no idea bits and pieces of his voice were reaching Al and Naomi. Not to mention, he had no idea someone was listening in on him, someone we come to know as the “filthy woman”.

Later in the episode, Morgan comes across the filthy woman who rejects the care packages he has been leaving alongside the road. She doesn’t require any help from anyone as she goes on to say and suffice to say, she definitely freaked him out.

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Al and Naomi happened to come across Al’s SWAT van which sped by them on the road at some point. Al was determined to catch up to it even lied and told Naomi that there was medicine inside of the van that could help her feel better. The car chase led to them getting a flat tire but Al was determined to get back the van that held all the videos she had been creating.

Naomi decides to leave Al behind to go check out the van only to get cornered by a strange man she had to fight to get inside the van. However, she soon learns there is no medicine and it was just Al’s attempt to get the van back.

After heading back to Al, Naomi was understandably annoyed at Al for lying to her about the medicine because it almost led her to kill that strange man. Al just wanted her tapes back and she hoped Naomi would understand why.

Morgan’s voice finally comes through crystal clear on their walkie-talkie, and although he can’t hear the girls, they can hear him and head towards the spot he says they’re waiting. Initially, Al makes the decision to stay back with the SWAT van and her videos but ends up joining Naomi anyway. The two reunite with Morgan before he ventures off, and although John is not with him and his friends, Naomi feels like she is one step closer than before.

After meeting up with Morgan, we learn a bit more about the filthy woman and not in the best of ways. Naomi gets in contact with the strange man from the van over the walkie-talkie and what seems like a pleasant moment is rattled up very quickly.

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Thinking he is at mile marker 27, he quickly realizes someone has changed the sign on the marker and he meets his demise when the filthy woman sics her zombie onto him.

Who is this woman? And what is she up to? We can’t wait to find out!

Fear The Walking Dead airs every Sunday on AMC at 9 PM EST!