Norm Macdonald has a Show: Netflix series also has a trailer!


Norm Macdonald has a Show premieres Sept. 14th on Netflix. What will the show have in store?  Probably some laughs, Norm MacDonald-style.  

Tired of this trend of people being afraid to speak their minds? Well, comedian Norm Macdonald has never had that problem, which is precisely why he’s (often) considered a comedy legend. Also, some people hate his style of comedy, with its typically dry, awkward delivery. For others, that’s simply part of his charm. Either way, Netflix gave him a show called Norm Macdonald has a Show, and it will either make you laugh or…well, you be the judge.

All 10 season one episodes will be available on September 14th, with the following guests: Drew Barrymore, Chevy Chase, Judge Judy, David Spade, David Letterman, Jane Fonda, M. Night Shyamalan, Michael Keaton, Billy Joe Shaver, and Lorne Michaels. In the trailer, it’s apparent that he’ll remain irreverent, as he asks Drew Barrymore if she misses cocaine.

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MacDonald was, of course, prominent on Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update, as well as other SNL sketches, and has starred in movies like Dirty Work and Screwed. He had plenty of internet success with his podcast, Norm Macdonald Live, featuring co-host Adam Eget (who will also co-host this Netflix series).  The new series is produced by Anchor Spud Productions, Pygmy Wolf Productions, and Lionsgate Television.

It’s not yet clear if the title Norm Macdonald has a Show is based on the old tune “Old Mcdonald had a Farm.” However, one may expect it to be mentioned at some point.

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Are you excited for Norm MacDonald has a Show? Will you be tuning in for the latest Netflix series? Be sure to tell us in the comments below who you’re hoping will appear on the new show!