Shameless: Showtime adds a few big name guest stars for season 9


News of Emmy Rossum’s departure and lower ratings for the season premiere has led to Showtime showing leg like a drunk maid of honor. Shameless will feature a couple new faces this season, as the Gallagher’s branch out in their unorthodox ways of survival.

Jess Gabor, Bob Saget, and Luis Guzmán have been announced as new characters in this season of Shameless, with Gabor and Guzman featuring in recurring roles this season.

The ninth season of Shameless started off with the worst CGI rat scene since The Departed used the end scene to spell out the plot to the slowest of viewers. With some of the topics already being addressed in the show, new characters were needed to advance the plot. Especially if Cassie’s body will never be found.

Last week’s post-episode teaser and Shameless season 9 trailers have made clear that Frank is going to try his hand at politics. Well, at least the politics that bring him financial gain and a soapbox.

Carl had a Cassidy problem. Along with an incompetent cadet, Carl could not advance his career without taking care of his civilian problems. This was made clear by his commanding officer. While the solution evaded Carl, the lagging cadet found some initiative and way to disappear Cassidy.

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But Gallagher’s attract crazy. Gallagher’s have a hard time saying no to a wild fling. Enter Jess Gabor, who will play Kelly. As the polar opposite of Cassidy, Kelly is the daughter of an Army officer and West Point alumnus, who takes Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) under his wing. Apparently, Carl is pursuing West Point, and doing well. As long as that body stays missing.

Frank is always looking to match wits and shoot the angles for his own personal gain. His foil in season nine is Guzman, who will play Mikey O’Shea. Another local South Side hustler, Guzman (How To Make It In America) is again playing a character hawking a cheaply branded drink while looking in every alleyway for financial opportunity.

Rasta Monsta had potential, and so does the chances for classic duels between Macy and Guman’s characters.

Bob Saget, known both for one of the best family shows in history and his vulgar stand up routines, will make a small appearance. Saget will play a priest, Father D’Amico, with a one episode cameo. Kevin an Veronica were able to get the girls into a preschool, but there are issues at a school event. The girls have apparently brought the inappropriate behaviors of home to the class room.

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Debauchery and inappropriateness are the calling cards of Shameless best moments and situations. The last couple of seasons seemed tame compared to the first couple of audacious seasons. With this new blood in the cast, the forecast for exciting new mischief is now all but certain.

Shameless‘ expanded the show to  make a Season 9 a 14-episode season airing in two parts. The first set of episodes began on September 9, with the last half of the season returning January 20.

Source: Deadline