The Innocents season 1, episode 7 recap: ‘Will You Take Me Too?’


In the last episode of The Innocents, Harry discovered Elena is responsible for hurting his father, Steinar was dismissed by Halvorson and then found Kam who is actually Runa’s daughter, and June left for Sanctum with Halvorson.

As the penultimate episode of The Innocents, “Will You Take Me Too?” begins, we see June and Harry in a flashback. June is sitting by herself when Harry notices her. He comes over and they start talking, bonding and making a connection.

In the present, June has reached Norway with Halvorson. Halvorson asks her to talk about her experience shifting into Deborah, the nurse, from the fourth episode. June explains she still feels Deborah with her. When she felt Deborah’s baby she could remember everything Deborah experienced during her pregnancy.

June could feel Deborah’s thoughts along with her own. June wants to know what it means. Halvorson tells her she’s more than just a little special.

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At a different airport, John and Harry are waiting for a flight to get to Norway. John apologizes for not saying anything to Harry and his mother for the last three years about what happened to Harry’s father. John explains he was just trying to protect his kids but Harry doesn’t buy it. He’s not June and Ryan’s real father and he locked June up and drugged her.

John agrees, he was scared for June and he still is now. But he and Harry have to work together to get her back.

Meanwhile, Christine has discovered that Harry has run away again. She’s also found the note and zip drive he left for her. The zip drive contains the viral video clip of June changing into Lil in the club from several episodes ago.

Armed with this new evidence, Christine goes to the police station on The Innocents. She brings her information to Doug, the man who suspended her. She explains the trail of evidence that connects both Elena and June to the weird happenings there and in London. Christine can’t quite wrap her mind around the shapeshifting yet, but she knows the mother and daughter pair are somehow responsible.

She tells Doug that Harry took off again to find June and, based on the evidence, she believes he’s in real danger. Finally convinced, Doug springs into action to try to help Christine find Harry.

En route on the plane, Harry and John continue to talk. They start to bond over their shared love of June.

When they get to Norway, Harry calls Christine. Doug traces his phone as Christine tries to talk Harry out of going after June. In Christine’s mind, Elena and June broke their family. But Harry says he loves June and he has to find her.

Christine, Doug, and several police officers go to John’s place and break in. Ryan bursts in objecting to the intrusion. Christine wants Ryan to tell her where John and Harry are going but all Ryan says is Harry’s gone to be with June.

At the same time, June and Halvorson are on a ferry in Norway traveling to the remote island where Sanctum is located. June tells Halvorson about meeting Kam and how she ultimately ended up hurting them instead of helping.

Halvorson claims that’s typical of shapeshifters. They tend to drive people away when what they really need is a community, which is what he’s trying to build.

Later, Halvorson and June drive towards Sanctum on a winding road. He asks June not to mention Kam to the other women there. He explains that he’s concerned it would destabilize the others. June agrees.

Finally, Halvorson and June trek through the woods to a boat on a lake across from Sanctum. Elena watches as they approach. She repeats her mantra as she starts to panic.

June meets Runa and Sigrid when she arrives but Elena doesn’t appear. June asks for her, but Halvorson explains that while Elena wants to see her, her trigger is bound up in love and so she’s probably feeling volatile. She just needs to adjust to June being at Sanctum.

June pushes the issue on The Innocents. So, Halvorson tells her she just needs to wait a day.

Later, June has a meal with Sigrid, Runa, and Halvorson. She asks about their outfits and the fact that they don’t touch. They say that not touching comes naturally after a while, but June looks skeptical.

Halvorson reassures her that she’s surrounded by people who understand her now. She won’t be on her own there. June counters that she hasn’t been on her own.

Picking up on the comment, Runa asks if June’s met other shifters. June remembers her discussion with Halvorson in the car and denies it. But she explains she’s been with Harry.

Sigrid prepares a plate to bring to Elena. As she leaves, Halvorson explains that Sigrid’s their latest success story. She’s not cured but she can now control her shifting. June says she’s ready to do the work to make that happen for herself.

Then Runa has a moment. She tells June she’s glad to have her back and calls her Freya. Halvorson corrects her and Runa quickly snaps out of it.

June says she’s going to lie down but when she’s alone she goes to find Elena who’s still repeating her mantra in a panic. When she sees June she starts to cry. June asks if she can come in, but Elena says Sigrid will be back for her tray. June suggests they go somewhere together and Elena thinks of a place.

Meanwhile, Harry and John are hot on their trail to Sanctum and Christine and Doug are on their way as well. There’s no boat to get across the lake so John and Harry go on foot. The land is treacherous and John hurts himself. In a moment of vulnerability, he observes that Elena got as far away from him as she possibly could.

Elena has taken June out into the middle of the lake in the rowboat. June asks her about what she said in her video, that John made her leave. Elena explains she was getting more unstable and John was worried she’d hurt June and Ryan.

June asks her to tell her everything about why she left but Elena wants June to tell her about her life first. Elena outlines her hope that they can both find stability and then they can stay at Sanctum together.

While they talk, Runa goes to find June and realizes she’s gone on The Innocents.

On the rowboat, June tells Elena that she wants to get well, but it’s not just for her, it’s also for Harry. Elena objects that June’s just a child, she can’t be in love. When June tries to tell her more about her relationship Elena stops her. She doesn’t want to hear it.

Halvorson, Runa, and Sigrid approach the lake and shout for Elena and June to come back to shore as June continues to try to tell Elena about Harry.

June says Harry knows what she is and he helps her. But Elena claims June doesn’t even know who or what she is yet, She can’t have love. As June gets increasingly agitated, Elena tells her she’ll hurt Harry.

When Elena says if June stays with Harry she’ll kill him, June starts to have an episode. As June struggles and Elena tries to stay away, they both fall into the water. Underwater, Elena tries to help June and they touch hands. June transforms into Elena but Elena stays conscious and they both swim for the shore.

Halvorson, Runa, and Sigrid are amazed. They’ve never seen a shifter change into another shifter before.

They bring June to the lab and put her in a room behind glass. June is unresponsive and in shock. Halvorson asks Elena to talk to June about herself to try to bring her back but everything Elena knows about June is from her childhood.

Meanwhile, June is having flashes of her mother’s memories. She starts describing how Elena broke the rules when Halvorson was away. Runa and Elena are confused. They can’t do that.

Halvorson says he has a theory: when the shape-shifting gene is passed from mother to daughter it evolves. Halvorson realizes June is going into Elena’s memories to find out why Elena left her. Elena desperately tries to discourage June but it’s too late.

June sees Elena in an art class being taught by Harry’s father, Lewis. They begin to have an affair. It destabilizes Elena. Finally, Lewis tells Elena that he loves her. Elena tries to object to his declaration but Lewis is gently persuasive. She kisses him, which causes her to accidentally shift into him.

Right before Elena shifts into Lewis, he asks her if she’ll take him too. It’s a phrase Lewis has continued to repeat in his impaired state ever since. Now June repeats the phrase to her mother. Elena objects that it just happened, but June is amazed at what she’s discovered.

June goes back into her mother’s memories. After she shifts, Elena-as-Lewis stalks down the street. She punches a man who makes fun of her for crying and wearing a dress. She then runs through a pub, drinks a half-empty beer and pushes two more off the bar.

The pub owner follows her out and tells her she has to pay for the broken glasses. She grabs Elena and Elena shifts into her. As Elena walks the streets now as the owner of the bar, she grabs the wrist of a man passing by. She shifts into him.

In the form of the man, she gets weak, collapses and vomits on the street. An older woman tries to help and Elena shifts into her. Elena uses the woman’s cell phone to call John.

When they get home, John questions Elena, who’s still in the form of the older woman, why none of the people she touched are waking up. That’s not typically how things work, so what’s different this time? Elena explains she shifted from one to the next person without returning to her body. Somehow that’s trapped them.

She also stopped taking her sedatives because she needed to feel. When John questions her about that, he realizes she needed to feel love, and not with him. John tells her to pack a bag. She has to leave. Elena obediently does so.

At Sanctum, Halvorson asks June who she is and where she lives.  June answers as if she’s Elena. Halvorson deduces that Elena’s memories are consuming June. June has started to replace herself in her own memories with Elena. Meanwhile, the real Elena sobs that June can’t be her.

Elsewhere on the island, Sigrid sees that Harry and John have slowly made their way to Sanctum property. She approaches them with a shotgun and tells them to turn back. Runa arrives and asks who they are. Harry and John are exhausted but John manages to say they’re June’s family.

Runa instructs Sigrid to treat John inside the house. Then she asks Harry to come with her. Runa brings him to the lab.

Halvorson objects to Harry’s presence but Runa argues that June is fading and Harry’s the only one who can get to her. Finally, Halvorson lets Harry into the room in June.

Harry approaches June. He tries to talk her down but June objects that Harry doesn’t know what Elena’s done. Harry tells her that he does, but it’s not June’s fault. Finally, June starts to remember herself, but she’s not done with Elena.

Still, in Elena’s body, she tells Elena that the people she shifted into that night are still catatonic. Elena objects that they can’t be. Harry adds that his father is a shell of himself.

Elena tries to use it as an object lesson in why June can’t have love. June counters that love doesn’t do the same things to her that it does to Elena. Then she shifts back to herself.

Elena is relieved but June is destroyed. Harry takes June away. Halvorson tries to stop them but Harry won’t have it.

Halvorson and Runa discuss what just happened. Halvorson is excited by the discovery. Runa wants to know if June is really the first to have the extra layer of experiencing memories during her shifts. Halvorson insists she is.

Elsewhere, June and Harry talk privately. He tells her what Kam said about Halvorson. June doesn’t believe her but Harry’s adamant that they have to leave. June is conflicted, though. Her father needs time to recover and June’s only just found her mother.

Harry can’t believe it. Why would June want to stay with Elena now that she knows what she did. But June tells Harry about how Sigrid is cured. June wants that too.

Harry agrees that June needs help but he believes it should be from someone she trusts not a man who sent someone to kidnap her.  On The Innocents they argue over whether she really needs Halvorson. Ultimately, June insists on staying, at least for the time being.

That night, Halvorson watches over Runa as she sleeps. Runa wakes up and confesses that she misses Freya. Halvorson reminds her that not talking about the past was Runa’s rule. Runa’s starting to forget Freya, though, and it’s changing her perspective.

Later, Halvorson goes to see Harry. He tries to bond with him over also being in a relationship with a shifter. He encourages Harry to ask him anything but Harry stays quiet. Then Halvorson suggests that maybe Harry thinks he’s dangerous. That gets a rise out of Harry.

Harry tells him about Kam’s warning against him. Halvorson dismisses Kam as disturbed and delusional. Elena and Sigrid choose to be there. And as far as Halvorson knows he’s the only one who can help June.

Halvorson offers to show Harry what they do there. He shows Harry the lab with the slide projector and other equipment and explains what happens when the women shifts. Essentially Halvorson believes shifting is a defense mechanism.

As Halvorson continues the tour he reassures Harry that if June stays it’ll be her decision. Then, he lures Harry into the room behind the glass, locks Harry inside, and leaves. Harry screams for help but, of course, no one can hear him.

As this episode of The Innocents ends, we get our first glimpse at Steinar all episode. He’s stopped at a convenience store somewhere in Norway. He tells the clerk he’s visiting family and then drives off.

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This was an explosive episode of The Innocents full of devastating revelations. We still don’t know how dangerous Halvorson really is but trapping Harry is seriously disturbed. What else does that mean he’s capable of?

Only one episode is left in this season of The Innocents and it looks like everything will come to a head when Steinar, and perhaps Christine, finally reach Sanctum.

Our recap of the season finale will be posted soon. While you wait, drop us a comment on what you thought of the episode, take a look at our episode 6 recap, and stream The Innocents on Netflix.