Chilling Adventures of Sabrina gets a spooky new trailer


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina definitely leans into the horror in the latest trailer.

Netflix’s highly anticipated adaptation of the popular comic book series, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, finally gets a trailer. However, anyone hoping to see a moment of levity in the video will be sorely mistaken. This version of the popular witch is a dark coming of age story, and the trailer showcases that perfectly.

The streaming service has been comparing the new show to cult horror hits, Rosemary’s Baby and The Exorcist. It’s easy to pick up this vibe from all the creepy imagery which flashes throughout the video quickly. “Happy Birthday” playing ominously throughout the trailer also ups the creep factor and is reminiscent of the version Lili Reinhart sang on Riverdale.

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So what exactly is happening in the trailer? Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will be following the titular character as she tries to balance her two conflicting natures: mortal versus witch. The video sees her celebrating her sixteenth birthday, and cuts back between being surrounded by friends (and Satan) or being alone with her two aunts. If we’re being honest, neither option seems all that appealing.

While the video is only a minute long with no dialogue, almost every major character is seen on screen for at least one scene. Other than Sabrina herself, Satan gets quite a bit of screen time. He’s the giant humanoid goat who seems to be plaguing her thoughts. Ross Lynch’s Harvey Kinkle can also be seen as Sabrina’s loving boyfriend and a disturbing glance at the Weird Sisters.

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Hailing from the Riverdale creative team (the show was originally crafted to be a spin-off), it’s easy to see how the series took influence from The CW’s hit show. For starters, the aesthetic and feel of Greendale are very similar to the town of Riverdale. While both Netflix and The CW have remained relatively quiet about whether the two worlds are connected or the possibility of a crossover, it would remiss to rule it out.

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Source: Deadline