Forever season 1, episode 2 recap: ‘June’


Some things aren’t meant to last forever.

Forever kicks off episode 2 with a distraught June standing in front of routers and modems confused as to how to solve her internet problem. Within moments we learn that Oscar crashing into the tree at the end of episode 1 resulted in his death. Naturally, June blames herself for pushing them to go skiing and for even dating him in the first place because it led to his death.

She vents to the store employee who tries to share June’s grief but at the time is completely out of her element making for a hilarious moment in the episode. And though some time has passed, June isn’t doing that well and is struggling to take care of herself. She’s eating junk food, not showering, and lays around in her misery day in and day out.

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Her BFF Sharon comes to the rescue one day and forces her out of the house and takes her to a church where June meets the pastor and then attempts to kiss him. She is a hot mess and it’s starting to spill over in any every aspect of her life. But then again, it’s hard to stay composed when the world feels sorry for you adding onto the emotions you are already experiencing yourself.

But after an awkward run-in with some of her coworkers, June finally snaps out of it and decides to clean up the house, start exercising and even whips up a delicious meal. In fact, the next day she sees a job posting for another position within her company and decides to interview for it. However, she never makes it to the interview because she doesn’t feel qualified as the other applicants.

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Things often work out in the most peculiar of ways because the following day June is called into the office where she learns that the executives of the company were embezzling money and pretty much most of the staff has to go. But she didn’t raise any red flags and is now being offered a high-level position and will be sent to Hawaii as a result.

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She hesitates to accept the offer at first but goes for it (and we’re so glad she did!). She spends the day shopping with Sharon in prep for the trip and even lands a first class seat on the airplane. But then…something happens.

While she’s being spoiled with a guava mimosa and Macadamia nuts, she begins to choke and eventually passes out. She wakes up to see Oscar excitedly looking down at her—it seems June is now dead and has moved on to heaven, or the afterlife, or some version of that? Looks like true love is forever and ever, huh?

I guess Hawaii isn’t happening.