Insatiable has been renewed for season 2–and the internet is reacting


Netflix has renewed Insatiable for season 2–and the fan reactions are pouring in.

Insatiable leaves to see another day amidst the controversy surrounding the show’s premise. Starring Debby Ryan as Patty or “Fatty Patty”, the show follows a young teenage girl that dramatically loses weight after an incident and comes back a year later to seek revenge on those who bullied and ridiculed her.

On the surface, the series is meant to be presented as a satire but the plot, story, dialogue, and characters don’t exactly feel that way. According to a report by The Hollywood ReporterInsatiable will return in 2019 for another season. Many are surprised and shocked by Netflix’s decision to renew the series especially considering the backlash that ensued following the first trailer.

Critics of the show will say that the series fat-shames and suggest inappropriate and offensive views of diet, weight, and beauty. However, there is a fan following for the series as it scored 83% on the audience score on Rotten Tomatoes (and an 11% amongst critics).

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The creator of the series, Lauren Gussis, came to the show’s defense when criticism began saying it comes from a personal place as she herself struggled with an eating disorder. She was hoping to add a touch of comedy to some very serious issues because she has felt the way Patty has felt.

Once news that Insatiable has been renewed for another season was announced, fans and critics took to social media to convey their excitement and anger (lots of anger). Comments such as “your hate-watching worked wonders huh” or suggestions to watch anything but Insatiable stormed the internet.

Amongst the haters, some voiced their appreciation for the show and why they are happy with its renewal. Some supporting comments included thanking Netflix for the renewal because the show means a lot to those who have been in the same boat.

While some voiced their hate and some voiced their support, others were simply angered by the fact that Netflix chose Insatiable for renewal but overlooked canceled shows such as Everything Sucks or shows such as Shadowhunters whose fans have been campaigning for it to be picked up by the streaming service.

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The reactions are definitely mixed but it will certainly be interesting to see where the story will go in the second season, and if the controversy will continue to live on when the show returns.

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