Snowfall season 2 recap: What to know before the finale


With just a few Snowfall episodes left in the season, Franklin and his crew have come to the inevitable crossroads of most fledgling drug empires started by childhood friends. Now that shots have been fired, in more than just one Snowfall crew, what’re the operational facts for each drug enterprise?

Franklin, Jerome, Kevin, and Leon have it made in most respects. Houses paid for and income coming quicker than it can be counted. Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems is real in the Snowfall streets. Summer’s end has come for Snowfall.

Franklin and Jerome have split from most of their immediate family. The drug money tainted Franklin in his mother’s eyes. Jerome’s lady is now with another woman, though Jerome did lay it on thick to sway her. Both have their sense of pride and manhood being threatened, in their eyes, from all directions.

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Leon’s girl being hooked on the product is only making matters worse, and the product suddenly disappears. None of the addict family members notice when she disappeared, to Leon’s personal rehab facility. It is touching, brutal as it may be, in that it shows he truly cares. However, misguided the efforts, the intentions are there to help. Doubtful that it works, just as his mediation attempts within the crew have failed.

Kevin has betrayed the family, so to speak, and is a dead man walking on both ends. He pulled a gun on Franklin, then Franklin bought him a house. Now, he has been shot. He is no longer useful to Lucia, and no longer trustworthy on his own block. The more he worked to be a conduit, the more he isolated his own options. Sure, the recipe was going to get out. Because he was the weak link that allows it.

Lucia has proven lethal. She took out her whole family, Pedro the latest, and will stop at nothing to expand her empire. Even snitching, which is the biggest criminal sin of all. As always, she is trying to justify her actions, as if there were a way to justify snitching after killing your family. Being spotted has forced her hand, and now it will force Gustavo into the toughest decision yet.

Teddy’s position is being compromised just as much as the drug game has destroyed his principles. Avi and Franklin’s problems are causing more than the tension on the drug distribution side of his operation while another federal agency is prying without proper information or clearance, perhaps.

To make matters worse, Teddy’s brother Matt is at risk. Specifically, Matt is should fear a pending overdose. Cocaine funnels up the nose, with the administering party not too friendly, is a hazardous situation to find one’s self. It makes little difference that it’s Teddy’s fault the cocaine torture is happening, or that Matt does not have a high tolerance.

Soledad needs to be reigned in before she ruins the Teddy’s CIA operation, and the show jumps the shark. She has done nothing but to create situations that make everyone else look terrible should anyone be exposed. Lucia’s already been spotted, and Franklin knows of Kevin’s betrayal. With only one episode left in the season, and perhaps the series, something has got to give.

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A given that we all know is the crack epidemic was not thwarted with the capture of Franklin. Jerome and Leon seem the likeliest of teams, with Avi and the Columbians making a more eclectic pairing. Teddy and Soledad are still sitting in a bar, telling tales filled with quid pro quos or not so sad fare-the-wells for Soledad.

Franklin and Teddy actually had good intentions when they began this venture. Now that they are going down the same despicable path of other anti-heroes of the golden times of television. Dealing drugs, funky business that. Who’d have thought? To see how it plays out, tune for Snowfall at 9/8 on FX.