Forever season 1, episode 3 recap: ‘The Lake House’


June tries to acclimate to her new life in a world she doesn’t quite understand giving us another thought-provoking episode of Forever.

Forever gets better and better with each episode, and this one spends time having June adjust to whatever this new life and world is. There are hints of discomfort and confusion and she seems to be doing pretty well considering.

The episode also teaches us what “currents” are. Currents are the people who are alive and the dead can see them and if powerful enough interact with them. It’s safe to say that Oscar is over the moon about June joining him, even though it means she died on Earth.

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He introduces her to the neighborhood, his new friends, and what amenities this world has to offer. There isn’t really anything that will happen from here on out so they just sort of live there day in and day out. Did I mention they have a shuffleboard court there?

Oscar takes June to a fountain and explains that the only thing they do know about is that the further they are from the fountain, the weaker they get. So it is important to stay within its vicinity so as not to run out of energy.

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June meets Oscar’s best friend, Mark, who ends up helping them out later in the episode when they try to scare a family out of their lake house. When they fail to do so, Oscar and June decide to give the lake house up and move on from it. But it does make for some hilarious moments when Mark tries to teach June and Oscar how to interact and scare the currents.

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And while it seems June is starting to get the hang of things, there’s one thing that doesn’t feel right. This life is not very different than the life she led before, and from the look in her eyes at the end of the episode, it’s clear she feels unsettled.