The First season 1, episode 3 recap: ‘Cycles’


The First spends the third episode of the season in a rather interesting way.

The First began this episode in a very odd way, and honestly, it gave me the heebie-jeebies. If you’ve never heard of or seen a cicada then I promise you after looking it up, you’ll feel grossed out. The image of a cicada is how this episode began and it failed to help me understand exactly how it went with the theme of the episode.

If I think long and hard then maybe I could make a connection but I’m seriously struggling, so if anyone out there gets it, please share. With about 18 months left until the next mission launch, Tom is now in charge and the crew is running a mission simulation which fails because a cicada is disrupting the environment (maybe that’s the connection?).

A major part of this episode was trying to figure out who they will take off from the crew and it’s come down between Sadie and Matteo. Kayla is in favor of keeping Sadie on, but after she fails an exercise it seems less and less likely to happen.

Besides, Tom is team Matteo and eventually, that is who they keep on. Kayla is pretty ticked off by this decision because she felt Sadie was the more valuable asset to the crew. Not to mention, it’s already tense for her given that she was demoted to second-in-lead after Tom’s return.

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You would think after one failed mission and barely acquiring funding that Laz would be want to be more forthright about the state of the mission, but nope, she wants any negative information to be kept from higher-ups until they figure it out.

The rest of the episode focuses on a team dinner at Aiko’s house and Denise making new friends that she brings over to the house. Heck, she even makes out with one of the cute guys but Tom shows up angry and annoyed to find that drugs and alcohol are everywhere. And even though Denise isn’t using, he’s upset that it’s in their home.

So he can better understand her situation and learn to trust her, he attends one of her meetings with her, which may have helped their relationship after all. But let’s see.

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Alright, so another cicada scene goes down before the end of this episode of The First and this time it’s focused on how they all come out to have sex and die. I seriously was at a loss for words after this point and uncomfortable and itchy and grossed out.

Even Kayla looks up at the end of the episode at a swarm of cicadas with frustration and tells them to shut the f**k up.