American Horror Story: Ryan Murphy releases first look at Jessica Lange as Constance


Ryan Murphy gave fans a sneak peek at the return of Jessica Lange as Constance on this season of American Horror Story–and it was glorious!

American Horror Story is bringing back all of the fan favorites from past seasons and amongst them is Jessica Lange. Words can’t describe how much her presence has been missed on the series and it’s super exciting to know that we will see her at some point.

To honor reaching 300,000 followers, creator Ryan Murphy decided to post a picture of Lange on set as Constance decked out in her floral blouse, and that hairstyle we can never quite forget. Along with this, Murphy stated that Lange is being directed by Paulson which had fans even more excited for what this episode will have in store.

We last saw Lange during the Freakshow season but her return this season will be for the character she played in Murder House. Apparently, Constance was the one raising Michael Langdon (Cody Fern) aka the Antichrist, so the happy-go-lucky picture Murphy posted is not representative of the doom and gloom of Constance’s life.

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This season of American Horror Story has been one that fans have waited very long and one that was rumored for quite some time. This past summer Murphy released the news that season 8 would finally bring together past seasons and the fan excitement was palpable.

We are only two episodes into the new season but theories regarding what the plot of the season will be have been circulating long before it’s premiere. Given that Coven and Murder House are both part of this season, fans have speculated some aspect of time travel may be involved.

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Whatever the case may be, we are excited to see where season 8 goes, and can’t wait to see some of our favorites back in action!

American Horror Story airs every Wednesday on FX at 10 PM EST!