American Horror Story: The crossover between Murder House and Coven


The eighth season of American Horror Story will bring together two epic seasons, but the question is–how?

American Horror Story has been releasing news on the daily regarding the upcoming eighth season and fans are ecstatic about what’s to come. Back in June, creator Ryan Murphy announced that season 8 would be a crossover, which he has been teasing for well over a year, and that we would see the worlds of Murder House and Coven come together.

But fans are curious to know just how the stories will combine together and how each character will fit into the plot. There are many theories and ideas that fans have come up with based on the ending of both seasons, the teaser trailers, and of course, the name of season 8.

The title for this season is Apocalypse which gives a very end of the world vibe, and the teasers are equally as cryptic with nukes, an hourglass, and a random assortment of frightening images to haunt us for days. Not to mention, the first two episode titles were revealed as “The End” and “The Morning After”, in which episode 1’s title is self-explanatory and directly alluding to the apocalypse while the second episode’s title probably refers to the aftermath of who is left alive in the aftermath.

But before we dive into the theories, let’s list out exactly who will be returning in season 8 to better understand how the stories could potentially line up in the context of the clues we’ve been given so far.

The relevant cast that has been announced so far includes:

  • Sarah Paulson (Cordelia Goode, Venable, Billie Dean Howard)
  • Cody Fern (Michael Langdon)
  • Dylan McDermott (Ben Harmon)
  • Connie Britton (Vivien Harmon)
  • Frances Conroy (Myrtle Snow)
  • Lily Rabe (Misty Day)
  • Gabourey Sidibe (Queenie)
  • Taissa Farmiga (Zoe Benson & Violet Harmon)
  • Jessica Lange (Constance Langdon)
  • Emma Roberts (Madison Montgomery)

Of course, there are many other cast members we haven’t listed but the ones above are the most pivotal to the Murder House and Coven seasons and will play a large role in how the stories come together.

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So, now the question is how will all these characters merge together for season 8? There are a few theories circulating out there that all sound fairly plausible which seem to focus on the character of Michael Langdon, at least according to PopSugar. Michael was the offspring of Peters and Britton’s characters and was referred to as the Antichrist.

At the end of season 1, he is alive and given that he’s half human, half supernatural, and full demonic and his character itself is a sign of the end of days, the chances of him encountering the witches of Coven is very likely in an apocalypse scenario.

Michael was last seen as a toddler at the end of season one who had just killed the housekeeper and for those who have forgotten, was the child of Peter’s character Tate and Tate’s girlfriend’s mom played by Britton. She was raped by Tate, gave birth to the Antichrist, and well, the rest is history. It’s more likely than ever that Michael will be at the center of this season, especially since it was revealed that Cody Fern would be playing the older version of him.

Some of the best theories are coming from Digital Spy who have dug deep into the world of Reddit to pull out some of best speculation for season 8 based on the teaser trailer. For those who have not seen the trailer, take a peek below as we dissect some major clues.

The teaser above shows a baby within an hourglass that is flipped over by some sort of demonic hand, which essentially resets the images we see within. Based on Redditor thereisatide, the theory based on the concept of the hourglass restarting the countdown is that the witches travel back in time to stop Michael before he causes the apocalypse to take place. This time travel theory would definitely explain why some of the dead characters would be able to return.

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You know what else this theory might help explain? The presumed plothole from season 5 in which the Hotel Cortez residents meet in 2022. This takes place three years after the events of season 8, which has been confirmed to be in 2019. None of the characters mention the apocalypse in the flash forward scene so the time travel theory completely makes sense, assuming they succeed in stopping Michael.

Do you have any theories about the upcoming crossover of American Horror Story? Share them below in the comments!

American Horror Story: Apocalypse premieres September 12th on FX at 10 PM EST