The Good Cop season 1, episode 5 recap: ‘Will Big Tony Roll Over?’


Tony becomes the star witness against a notorious drug dealer just to treat his new wife to the Four Seasons penthouse getaway provided by witness protection on The Good Cop. Meanwhile, TJ and the teamwork to thwart the impending attempt on Tony’s life.

When the star witness against narcotics dealer Remy DeRosa is killed, the FBI turns to Tony, DeRosa’s old cellmate, to replace him on this episode of The Good Cop. Tony initially refuses, saying that he’s not a rat and won’t testify against anyone.

But when the FBI tells him he’ll be staying at the Four Seasons penthouse until the trial is over, he agrees so he can take his girlfriend Debbie (Alanna Ubach) on the getaway she’s been nagging him for.

Unfortunately, only the immediate family is allowed to go with him, so they just get married.

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This is maybe the most Tony thing Tony has ever done and it’s beautiful that he has someone who is devious enough to go along with it just as enthusiastically.

They have a big party at the bar and are completely open about their plan to get the marriage annulled after the two-week witness protection vacation is over. TJ, of course, is judgemental about the sham, but he’s proud of his dad for agreeing to testify against DeRosa.

But Tony’s secret plan is to take advantage of the accommodation and then plead the fifth as soon as he’s called to the stand.

Meanwhile, plans are underway to kill Tony to keep him from testifying. Burl is approached by a man named Stork who works for DeRosa and tells him he knows how they’re planning to kill Tony, but Burl is distracted by the football game.

Stork writes his phone number on a dollar and tells Burl to call him tomorrow. Burl accidentally pays for his drink with the dollar and only recalls the conversation the next day when word gets back to the team that DeRosa has someone on the inside.

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This sends Burl and Cora on a wild goose chase to track down the dollar. They go from the bar, to a strip club, to the laundromat, to a street musician and finally recover it.

However, by the time they call the number its too late. When they call Stork, his partner gets suspicious and ends up killing him.

However, before he died he left a message with the EMTs saying, “Its in the cigar.”

Cora calls TJ just in time to stop Tony from smoking a poisoned cigar. The housekeeper’s sister was being held hostage, forcing her to help kill Tony.

When Tony hears about how Stork risked his life to save Tony’s, he finally agrees to testify. His testimony helps convict DeRosa of all counts against him. DeRosa, however, is comforted by what he believes to be Tony’s assured death.

When TJ gets the test results back from the cigars, he is confused by the fact that only one cigar – the one his father intended to smoke – had been poisoned.

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Later, as Tony is celebrating the end of the trail with a Cuban cigar, TJ idly examines his father’s cigar puncher — a gift TJ bought him and engraved with the word “With Love, TJ”.

He realizes that this puncher is missing the comma in the engraving and realizes that the poison wasn’t in the cigar but in the cigar puncher — that the housekeeper had switched the puncher out for a poison injecting fake. He again stops his father just in time before he smokes a poisoned cigar.