Forever season 1, episode 5 recap: ‘Another Place’


Forever takes Kase and June on an adventure as they explore outside the neighborhood and June questions what it all means.

On Forever, June and Kase have started to form a friendship that sort of came out of nowhere and is blossoming into something that is beneficial for June–but maybe not for Oscar. After watching Kase burn her cabinet in the last episode, June decides to burn some furniture of her own, but the concerned look on Oscar’s face gives it all away.

His concern has spilled into anger towards June, and he lashes out after having an argument over which direction the dishes should be in. With nowhere else to go, he goes over to Mark’s house and the two head off to the shuffleboard area. A strange, flustered look on Mark’s face has Oscar confused until he learns that one of the girls playing shuffleboard used to be Mark’s high school crush.

On Forever, things really do just stay that way, and despite the fact that Mark is the oldest in age of the people there, he has stayed the younger version of himself from when he died. The woman he has a crush on is an elderly woman and his attempts to court her fail after he learns that she is waiting for her husband to die and join her.

Kase and June continue to bond over a sewing machine and talks of venturing outside of the neighborhood. June hesitates at first but ultimately decides to go anyway. Kase teaches June how to “juice” aka touch currents in a certain way that takes energy from the person and gives it to them. It turns out June is actually quite talented at “juicing”.

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On their walk home, June and Kase run into a strange man who tells them there is another place they might find interesting, a place called Oceanside. Kase is all for it, but June doesn’t think she can just leave Oscar behind like that.

She immediately regrets this decision when she gets home to find that Oscar has made a sign for which way the dishes are meant to go, and misses the entire point of their earlier argument. It’s not about the dishes, but the feeling of being trapped in a place they will never get to leave from.

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She tells him about the other place but Oscar isn’t eager to leave behind the comfort of their home and routine and says the way she feels is wrong. He is upset that she can’t just feel happy, and the two part ways for the night. The episode ends on an interesting note as June stares at the drawer in their room where the handles make up a smile.

She smiles back and we know exactly what she’s thinking.