Forever season 1, episode 6 recap: ‘Andre and Sarah’


This standalone episode of Forever is the season’s best and gives us all the feels as we meet Andre and Sarah.

Forever gave us the best episode of the season in episode 6, and words can’t express how beautiful it was. ‘Andre and Sarah’ is a standalone episode centered on two characters, you guessed it, Andre and Sarah. The two of them work as real estate brokers and meet at an open house they’re both showing/selling for clients.

This unexpected, chance meeting turns into a memorable night of drinking, bonding, and a connection between two strangers that is palpable. Mistaking Sarah’s behavior as flirtatious, Andre goes in for the kiss only to learn that she is engaged but doesn’t have a ring yet.

The both of them talk about the concept of marriage, and while Sarah wholeheartedly believes in it, Andre isn’t entirely convinced. The episode flashes forward a few years back to the same house as Sarah is seen walking in to find Andre.

The both of them are married now but yet the attraction and connection are still there. They spend the day together again and it’s like nothing has changed besides the passing of time. Sarah shares that she thought a lot about him over the years, and Andre shares that he has thought about her too. They share a kiss which turns into them sleeping together.

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But the magic of the night is disturbed when Andre’s wife calls looking for him and Sarah leaves a little heartbroken and disappointed. Another flash forward leads us to believe that Sarah and Andrew have ended up together, but in reality, they are having an affair and spend time together in the same house they met.

Nothing has changed in their regular lives except for the fact that their love for each other has grown and gotten deeper. One particular night they are cooking and BBQing in this house and discuss making their relationship official by leaving their spouses.

But it appears the timing isn’t right, Andre’s daughter’s birthday is coming up and he asks for three weeks but in three weeks, Sarah’s parents will be coming so it won’t make sense to do it then either. But they decide to hell with all of it and let’s just make this happen.

Unfortunately, nothing did ever come of that night as a flash forward to a 60-year old Andre takes us back to the same home listed under Sarah. But this time Sarah isn’t there because she died from cancer. It’s a very heartbreaking moment when Andre realizes they missed their chance to be together.

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What kept them apart will always be a mystery, but it’s a lesson in itself that some things are not meant to be, and sometimes we miss our golden opportunity forever. As an elderly Andre sits there overwhelmed with regret, we see June looking right at him, finally realizing what she has to do.

She shows up at Kase’s doorstep and announces she’s ready to go to Oceanside.