Snowfall renewed by FX for season 3


Like the CIA, FX has faith in Franklin. The network has announced there will be a third season of Snowfall.

Franklin is out of jail, but not out of the debt since he must repay to Reid and the government on Snowfall. Now that Franklin has connected the dots and figured out who he is really working for, fans can rest assured the next chapter of his evolution will be televised.

FX has announced the third season of Snowfall will air next year. With the second season now over, the crack-fueled drama will live on for a third season, unlike Pedro or Kevin. The third season is planned to debut in mid-2019.

It has been great to see Snowfall’s audience and critical acclaim grow in its second season,” said Eric Schrier, president of original programming at FX Networks and FX Productions. “The creative team has done a fantastic job and we have high hopes for season three.”

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The audience has grown and much as the characters this season. The second season of Snowfall unfolded at a rapid pace. With the foundation now laid to expand the empires, criminal and government, season three should take a page from Franklin’s new approach to the game. Slow, methodical, and emotionless when it comes to punishing incompetence.

Season two killed characters in a whimsical way, as Lucia was wavering when she killed Pedro, as Franklin was hesitant to shoot Kevin. In the third season, it seems like Franklin will be calling shots with more confidence and less empathy.

Reed and Soledad are in cahoots and are attempting to be more pragmatic in their approach with the other, rather than problematic. It did not work well for Soledad in this season, and the pitfalls she could fall prey to are numerous. Snitches and double-dealing agents never have happy endings.

Reed and Soledad have also made a decision to move forward together, though their end games are still not aligned. It is doubtful Reed will play by the rules; he never has so why start now? With his brother now seasoned and Soledad corrupted, Reed is adding to his juggling act of lives, lies, and inherent dangers to be managed.

The lines of what is legal are blurred, but the path to righteousness was the first casualty in the war on drugs.

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The battle lines were drawn in the first two seasons, between crews and within crews. Individuals entered the game with certain aspirations and expectations. No one could have expected the crack epidemic to sprawl as rapidly as it did, nor could Franklin foresee killing his best friend to save the lives of others. His promise to his mother to quit the game was always hollow.

The battle for the connections has been settled. The pandora’s box of the crack recipe is out on the streets, never to be contained again. The war for Los Angeles drug markets is about to begin in earnest. Watch this space for more updates on the third season of Snowfall on FX.

Source: Variety