The Good Cop season 1, episode 7 recap: ‘Who Killed the Guy on the Ski Lift?’


A policeman is murdered at a law enforcement conference and TJ is the only one who thinks the main suspect is innocent, making him more unpopular with his colleagues on The Good Cop.

TJ and Tony arrive at a law enforcement conference being held at a ski resort on the seventh episode of The Good Cop. Tony immediately sees a pretty girl and points her out to TJ, who is instantly taken with her.

As they’re checking in TJ overhears her saying that its really important to her to have a room on the top floor, so he offers to swap rooms with her.

While it doesn’t end up being possible, they strike up and awkwardly flirty conversation. Her name is Macy and she’s a civilian. She says she’s not in town for the conference, but that’s not exactly true.

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Meanwhile, one would think that Tony’s attendance at a law enforcement conference might raise some eyebrows, but he’s greeted by everyone enthusiastically while TJ makes himself unpopular.

He also finds that Tony has signed him up to speak on a panel about ethics, for which Tony had to bribe the organizer. TJ, unusually, finds the irony hilarious and agrees to do the panel.

TJ sees Macy at the mixer at the bar, but before he can talk to her she storms up to another man, a cop named Andre, to confront him about cheating on his wife with her. She throws wine in his face and stalks off.

TJ finds her and brings her another glass of wine. They talk for a while and TJ admits that he’s never tried skiing. She kisses him, saying “life is an adventure or its nothing.”

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He is inspired to try skiing the next day, joining a beginners class and not doing very well. Meanwhile, Macy confronts Andre again at the ski lift, saying that she wants to apologize for last night and that she just wants to talk to him. When they get off the ski lift,

Andre is dead, having been stabbed in the heart. She swears she didn’t do it, and while the evidence is clearly against her, TJ believes it. This, of course, doesn’t make him popular with the other cops. Tony tells him that he’s not seeing clearly because of his attraction to her and almost has him convinced.

At the panel the next day, TJ uses the current situation as an example of learning from one’s mistakes, saying he got too involved with the suspect.

He says it won’t happen again but almost immediately comes up with a new theory that could explain Macy’s innocence. He thinks the ski lift attendant did it but quickly finds out that Andre was dead even before he got off the ski lift.

TJ helps Macy make bail and finds that she’s staying in his room. He discovers a leak from the ceiling and calls the front desk about it. When they investigate, they find a drone equipped with a crossbow on the roof, explaining how Andre could have been stabbed remotely.

The signal from the drone leads back to the hotel room belonging to Maury Peppitone, a man who historically had a grudge against Andre. When they enter his room, they find the drone case and equipment, and that Maury has killed himself.

Macy goes free and goes home with TJ. By the next morning its clear that something has gone off between them. Macy is suddenly casual and distant, leaving almost as soon as she can. TJ gets a call from the hotel saying that the leak in the ceiling as actually caused by a bag of ice placed in the vent.

This makes TJ realize that it was Macy all along, that she planted the bag of ice so that someone would find the drone that would incriminate Maury. TJ also realizes that the drone’s battery was full, meaning that it had never been used at all.

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Macy realizes that TJ knows and tries to kill him. They struggle, but TJ catches her and puts her in handcuffs. Tony chooses the moment

TJ is straddling Macy from behind and struggling with her to come back home, leading him to believe that he’s walked in on them having sex. As Tony scurries out, TJ keeps yelling at him that “she’s the one”, making him think that his son has found “the one”.