The Good Cop season 1, episode 8 recap: ‘Will Cora Get Married?’


As Tony catches a break in his wife’s hit-and-run case, TJ struggles with his feelings about Cora’s new romance on The Good Cop.

Tony sits at the site of his wife’s hit-and-run every Monday and Friday on The Good Cop. As Cora sits at the bar with TJ, she comments that if she died suddenly that she has no family who would come and mourn her.

She never met her father, her mother died when she was three, and her step-father hasn’t been sober in 20 years. She recently hired a genealogist to find some family to connect with but in the meantime doesn’t feel like her adopted cop family is enough.

A guy walks into the bar, asking who owns the orange Mustang, saying that he accidentally broke a headlight while parking. Cora owns the Mustang, but she and the guy – Warren – instantly strike up a flirtation.

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TJ dislikes him instantly. Cora and Warren start a romance and TJ struggles with his feelings, not knowing whether he really feels the way he feels about Cora or whether the situation just makes him feel like he feels that way. Meanwhile, Tony has become inexplicably obsessed with an online cat video.

One night, Warren and Cora arrive back at his apartment to find Warren’s roommate murdered. The prime suspect is a homeless man named Stax due to a set of perfect fingerprints on the murder weapon – with no prints anywhere else in the apartment – and his hat found sitting on the fire escape outside.

Meanwhile, TJ isn’t convinced and suspects Warren, but can’t trust that he’s not simply biased against him because of his relationship with Cora. Cora finds out from the genealogist that she has no known living relatives, so Warren suggests they make their own family and proposes to her.

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Tony shows the cat video to Wendell, telling him that it was filmed on the day and in the same location as Connie’s hit-and-run. In the background, there is a yellow van speeding away only four minutes after the hit-and-run occurred and with partially visible plates.

Tony can’t ask TJ to run the plates for him because he intends to kill the guy. They trick Ryan into running it for them and come up with a man named Joseph Privett. Tony takes his secret gun and visits his last known address, talking with a woman named Phillyis who says that Joe died three years ago. Tony gives her his card in case she has any more information.

TJ interviews Stax about the murder and he denies everything about it. Stax knows both Warren and his roommate, says they’re nice guys who would bring him food and spare change.

Warren even gave him an umbrella just a few days before the murder but took it back when it turned out it was broken. This makes TJ suspicious, considering it was also a sunny day when Warren offered Stax a broken umbrella.

Cora invites TJ to her wedding, which is taking place that very day at 4 pm. TJ and Cora have a fight about his suspicions and Cora suggest that TJ might be fabricating a case because he’s jealous because corruption is in his blood. This obviously hurts TJ, especially coming from Cora, who obviously wishes she could take it back as soon as she’s said it.

TJ storms out of the precinct, accidentally taking Warren’s umbrella with him. The handle is broken, which is about the same size and shape as the handle of the knife that killed Warren’s roommate. TJ confronts Warren with his theory that he replaced the handle of the umbrella with the knife handle and had Stax hold it before taking it back and killing his own roommate.

It turns out that Warren is in league with Evelyn the genealogist, who did find out that Cora has a rich uncle in Mexico. The uncle is dying and Cora, as the next of kin, stands to inherit $30 million. If Warren can marry her, he can kill her and inherit the money in her place.

Warren knocks TJ out and locks him in a steam room at the gym while he goes off to marry Cora. As TJ runs out of oxygen, he’s able to get fresh air by sticking a straw through a crack between the floor and the wall. When Evelyn checks on him, he’s able to surprise her and escape. He calls Tony and tells him to get to Cora before its too late.

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Meanwhile, Tony is on his way to the Port Authority after Phyllis calls him and tells him that she’s actually Joe’s partner and that he’s on his way out of town to avoid Tony. Tony has the choice of catching his wife’s killer or saving Cora.

He saves Cora and tries to rush away, but stays to comfort her instead. In the end, Cora didn’t even inherit the money anyway. She goes home with TJ and Tony who take care of her like family.