9-1-1 season 2 premiere, part 2 recap: ‘7.1’


A 7.1 earthquake shakes the core of Los Angeles as 9-1-1 continues its two-part season 2 premiere.

9-1-1 really isn’t messing around this season and are going into the second season with full steam ahead. The continuation of the season 2 premiere focused on the 7.1 earthquake that hits downtown L.A. obliterating everything in its path. This earthquake was teased heavily in the promos for the second season, and it was satisfying to see that they got to it right away.

Every character was faced with an impossible situation in the midst of the chaos and had to put forth their bravery in the face of this horrible crisis. As 9-1-1 often does, the episode began fairly calm with shots of a family on vacation, athletes discussing their collegial futures, and an employee’s awkward, inappropriate encounter with her sleazy boss.

But when the earthquake struck, everything was literally flipped upside down as everyone was torn apart and some were left dangling in the air as buildings toppled over or hung in suspension (the sleazy guy sort of had that one coming). Athena was in the middle of transporting a perp when the city was struck, but luckily for her, the perp’s specialty was grand theft auto which helped her rescue a civilian on the freeway.

By the time the episode ended, we were left reeling from all the madness that had unfolded over the course of an hour, including the revelation that Eddie is a father to a special needs kid. As if we weren’t smitten by him already, they stick his character with an adorable kid.

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Because of the earthquake, power is out in random areas and most frighteningly, there is no cell phone service for loved ones to contact each other. This includes basically every single major character who has no idea if their family and friends have survived this horrible situation.

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On Maddie’s first day at the 9-1-1 call center, she is thrust into the turbulence of the city falling apart and there was no time to learn because duty called a bit sooner than expected. The 9-1-1 season 2 premiere ended on a cliffhanger as Eddie hung onto a civilian for dear life as she dangled from a window and Hen being thrown under the rubble of the hotel.

Words can’t express how happy I am 9-1-1 is back!

9-1-1 airs on Fox every Monday at 9 PM EST!