The Good Cop season 1, episode 10 recap: ‘Who Cut Mrs. Ackroyd in Half?’


On The Good Cop season 1 finale, TJ and Cora encounter tension in their friendship and are forced to go undercover as a married couple in order to investigate a series of murders at the Drake Apartments. Tony gets his chance to confront Joseph Privett (Frank Whaley). 

When Kristen Ackroyd dies in what appears to be a terrible elevator accident, it marks the third suspicious death to occur at the Drake Apartments.

While investigating the deaths, Cora discovers that TJ has given her what she considers a poor performance review and is angry at what she considers his lack of respect for her. It is at this point that the Captain forces them to go undercover as a married couple, Kristen Ackroyd’s nephew and wife, in order to investigate the murders.

The killer left a note in the basement about how to override the elevator controls, so they need to get handwriting samples from everyone in the building.

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When they arrive, the doorman Donovan welcomes them. They get his handwriting sample right away when they ask him to write down a gym nearby; no match.

They learn about a notorious murder that took place in the courtyard in which a tenant named Betty Weir called for help but was ignored by witnesses. They attend a memorial service for Mrs. Ackroyd where Cora has everyone sign a guest book.

Everyone is accounted for with no matches, except for Nathan Cobb. He’s sort of a recluse that no one likes. He went out of town the day of the last murder and Donovan is watching his extensive collection of reptiles. There’s not much they can do except wait for him to come back.

While they spend the night, Cora and TJ bond as they work out sleeping arrangements and watch Cyrano de Bergerac with TJ reading the subtitles to Cora.

The next morning, one of Cobb’s poison snakes crawls up TJ’s pant leg and Cora has to save him. This to them says that Nathan Cobb is the definitive killer, except that he’s still out of town. They find out instead that Donovan is ambidextrous and that he has a book of news clippings in his locker about Betty Weir and the four witnesses who stood by while she was murdered.

Each of the four witnesses had been murdered except for Dr. Nyborg. They rush to save Dr. Nyborg from Donovan, who is Betty Weir’s son looking for vengeance. TJ talks him down by connecting with him about his own dead mother, saving the day.

Meanwhile, Tony has hired someone to find Joseph Privett. He’s back in New York, seemingly to pick up something important he left behind. He sees an acupuncturist name Dr. Kim for his twitchy eye, so Tony makes an appointment right before him.

He gets distracted after the doctor (an “adjunct doctor” actually, which doesn’t fill Tony the “adjunct detective” with confidence) starts treating him and he gets relaxed.

He tries to go after Privett while still stuck with needles and misses his chance. He finds a clue, though, a newspaper clipping that Privett dropped about the scheduled demolition of a building that day. Its all about the newspaper clippings.

Tony checks out the building that is just minutes away from demolition and catches Privett digging a briefcase out of a hiding spot. Privett tells Tony that it isn’t him that he wants and that he’ll give him the $100,000 in the case if he lets him go.

Tony says he doesn’t want the money but has a crisis of conscience just long enough for Privett to try and shoot him. The shot goes wide and brings the ceiling down on them. Privett is buried, but Tony gets away with the briefcase before the building is destroyed.

When he opens the briefcase at home it is filled with money, but also surveillance photos of Connie, suggesting her accident was actually a paid hit.

TJ and Cora return to work as friends, but TJ is quickly in trouble again when her revised performance review comes back with a lower score than the original. Still, their fighting and banter seem playful and really full of affection.

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I love that these two are good friends and I’d be curious to see how their relationship evolves if there is a second season. Dr. Nyborg, who was formerly a marriage counselor, saw a lot of potential in their relationship and you could see it more than anything in how comfortable they were together, Cora watching a movie and TJ performing the subtitles for her.

Overall, the series was an easy-watching, light-hearted, and entertaining show. Watch The Good Cop on Netflix.