Forever season 1, episode 7 recap: ‘Oceanside’


Some things aren’t meant to last forever–unless you live in Oceanside.

Forever introduces us to Oceanside in the season 1 penultimate episode. After the ups and downs of June’s post-death situation, she ultimately decides to leave Oscar to go with Kase to the world beyond the neighborhood.

When June and Kase arrive at Oceanside, the sight truly does take your breath away as you see a castle atop a cliff in the distance right next to the ocean water. When the two walk in, they see groups of people chatting while some are dancing the night away. What do they all have in common? They are all dead just like June and Kase.

The two of them meet Gregory and Marisol who seem to be in charge of this place and very quickly introduce them to this new and unusual atmosphere. We expect that June would have a hard time adjusting but it is Kase who is a bit lost and confused.

June goes as far as going on a literal underwater adventure with some of the other folks as they walk on the ocean floor–bewildered by the beauty of underwater life around them. It’s such a beautiful moment in the episode and one that leaves you wishing you could have such an opportunity yourself.

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Back at the neighborhood, Oscar is determined to figure out where June might have gone and with the help of Mark and a kid that has been in the neighborhood the longest, he decides to set off in pursuit of her.

Once again, June and Kase are placed in an interesting situation with their new friends as a group of them stand in front of a moving truck and let it pass right through them. Kase hesitates, and we don’t blame her considering she died because she was hit by a truck, but together both she and June have this unusual experience together. And boy, did they enjoy it.

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By the end of the season 1 penultimate episode of Forever, Oscar makes it to Oceanside only to find that June is enjoying herself. Anger and betrayal overwhelm him as he makes a scene upon seeing her and yells at Kase for being a homewrecker. He doesn’t make it too far out of the room before fainting and falling to the ground.