Forever season 1, episode 8 finale recap: ‘Goodbye Forever’


Goodbye isn’t always forever–isn’t it?

Forever gave us a pretty great season 1 finale (and I’m so hoping Amazon is going to renew it so we can find out what happens next). This has been such an unexpectedly wonderful show that tackles some of the most confusing, complex human emotions in a way that we can’t always articulate.

I loved watching what the first season had to offer in its plot, characters, and story development, and it’s safe to say it really won my heart over in the eight-episode premiere season. At the end of the last episode, Oscar showed up to Oceanside and lost it when he saw how happy June was.

When he comes, he’s lying on the beach and immediately gets back into it with June and tells her how cruel and horrible was to him. He even questions her sexuality out of pure anger, and we have to almost wonder if she and Kase are possibly attracted to each other.

Things get fairly heated which results in Oscar verbally divorcing June on the spot, and just like June, we’re not sure what that really means when people are dead. June storms off in anger and runs into Gregory and Marisol who are preparing for the night’s events in which a big fire is lit on the beach where everyone lights things on fire to dispose of worldly possessions that once held too much value.

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Credit: Amazon

Later that night, June and Oscar run into that strange man once again that we saw in past episodes, one that Amazon’s side notes refers to as, The Traveler. He is once again cryptic and odd and doesn’t provide any information as to what his purpose is.

Since there is nothing left for Oscar at Oceanside, he starts to build a raft that he intends to sail away on the next morning. June and Oscar finally have a civil conversation for the first time in ages, if ever, and it irks Kase to see them bonding in that way.

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By the end of the season 1 finale of Forever, June decides she wants to stay with Oscar and it’s the person she wants to be with. She takes him by the hand and pulls him into the water just as she once did.

They take the path along the ocean floor until they walk back up to the surface to a whole new place. One that we don’t see, but puts a smile on their faces.

So…Forever season 2, please?