American Horror Story Apocalypse: The b****es are back!


If you haven’t seen the most recent episode of American Horror Story–then you’re missing out.

American Horror Story gave fans a small taste of what the highly anticipated crossover season has in store with this week’s episode. Given the nature of previous seasons, many of us assumed we’d have to wait for a slow, agonizing buildup to the madness. Thank goodness we were proven wrong.

On “Forbidden Fruit”, things got a bit intense and crazy as Venable and Mead went forth and succeeded with their plan to poison and kill everyone in the outpost. Little did they know, Michael was pulling the strings all along and programmed the idea in Mead’s head. What was supposed to be Venable and Mead murdering their way to the Sanctuary, ended up being something completely unexpected.

Naturally, the entire episode had most of us screaming “O-M-G” and “What is happening?!” but it all paled in comparison to the final moments as the Coven witches emerged from the fog and right into the outpost. Not only do they know how to make an entrance, but their return revived three characters that had just been poisoned.

Upon this reveal, fans took to Twitter to express their shock and enthusiasm–and it’s hilarious.

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It’s safe to assume that fans are ecstatic (along with myself) over the first crossover moment on this season of American Horror Story. And to think, this is just the beginning of the many characters that are still yet to return. Can I get three cheers for Connie Britton?!

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American Horror Story airs every Wednesday on FX at 10 PM EST! Be sure to check back here for episodic recaps and tell us your thoughts about the witches arrival in the comments below.