American Horror Story: Apocalypse season 8, episode 3 recap: ‘Forbidden Fruit’


The b****es are back! American Horror Story kicks it up ten notches with this week’s episode and gives fans a run for their money.

The American Horror Story crossover is officially a go, ladies, and gentlemen! I am so incredibly psyched that we didn’t have to endure too many episodes before getting into the thick of the excitement this season has promised to bring.

The entire hour was jam-packed from the get-go with twists and turns and so many O-M-G moments that reminded fans why we love this show dearly. But before we get to the epic final moments of the episode, let’s rewind back to the madness that unleashed the hour before it.

Michael is still trying to decide who is worthy of joining him in the Sanctuary and is doing one-on-one interviews with every person in the bunker. His goal is to find the darkest in the bunch and based on what we saw, there is no shortage of the dark and morbid.

His interest peaked when he began speaking with Mallory, who most certainly has something dark inside of her. This darkness didn’t hesitate to come out when Michael pissed her off but on the same note, the demon with Michael emerged simultaneously out of retaliation.

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In a very bloody, snake-filled scene Michael began speaking to his father, the devil, saying he must have let one of “them” go. Venable wasn’t exactly Michael’s biggest fan either since he did not intend on taking her to the Sanctuary so she and Mead planned an elaborate scheme to off him. Little did they know, he was in control the entire time.

Venable and Mead came up with a plan to poison the group via apples that showed up outside the Outpost in a carriage. They injected snake venom into the apples and then distributed them at the Halloween party later that night. What followed in the moments after each person took a bite was a bloody, vomit-filled mess that resulted in each major character falling to their deaths.

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Billy Eichner’s character made his return as Brock who spent the last year and a half roaming around in the radiation. He stumbles upon the outpost thanks to the horses with the apples and finds his way in. Naturally, he’s angered by the sight of Coco and tricks her into being alone only to stab her in the head.

After everyone’s brutal and gruesome death, Venable and Mead go to Michael’s room to deliver the news that he is next. But being the Anti-Christ and all, he’s a thousand steps ahead of them. It was him that came up with the plan and programmed it into Mead’s robotic head and it was now him that programmed Mead to shoot Venable.

As Venable falls to her death, it’s basically revealed that within Mead lives on Michael’s grandmother–Constance. Will these two characters live on as one in the same?!

We have no idea, but honestly, all this development in one episode is so amazingly unexpected.

And as we processed all the deaths and the madness of the episode, American Horror Story went all in with the most exciting reveal yet. The Coven b****es are BACK! Yes, that’s right. We may have bid farewell to Venable but Sarah Paulson now lives on as Cordelia. Through the darkness and the fog, the Coven witches strut right into the outpost.

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But witches are with Cordelia? Emma Roberts’ Madison and Frances Conroy’s Myrtle Snow! It’s all very exciting but before the episode ends they bring back three of the outpost members to life. It appears Michael was mistaken to think that Mallory was the only one he missed.

Coco, Dinah, and Mallory are brought back to life by their sisters, and we’re just sitting here wondering–what the hell just happened?!

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