House of Cards drops teaser trailer for sixth and final season


Netflix has released a teaser trailer for the Kevin Spacey-less, Robin Wright-starring final season of House of Cards.

At the end of its fifth season, House of Cards‘ Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) declared it was “my turn.” It turns out her words were truer than viewers knew at the time.

Through a series of political machinations, Claire was installed as president after her husband, Kevin Spacey’s Francis Underwood resigned.

The story decision ended up being fortuitous when allegations of sexual misconduct against Spacey lead to the decision to move forward with the show’s sixth season without him.

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The teaser wastes no time explaining Spacey’s absence. In a speech, Claire says she lost her husband. Although we don’t know how it happened, a lot of the political turmoil this season appears to stem from Frank’s death.

At least, this appears to be the impetus for the appearance of new cast members Greg Kinnear and Diane Lane, who play a politically connected brother and sister and are seen in the trailer.

The trailer leans into the #MeToo movement, as well, having Claire declare “The age of the middle-aged white man is over.”

Take a look at the teaser below:

While Netflix could have canceled House of Cards entirely after the scandal involving Spacey broke, it seems appropriate to wrap up the story with a final season.

House of Cards was one of Netflix’s very first streaming shows and it was the first that demonstrated that the model Netflix was cultivating, which provides creative freedom to content creators and releases series all at once, could garner critical acclaim and audience adulation.

It would have been a shame to abruptly end the series and bring its legacy to a close with the allegations against Spacey. By letting Wright take over as the star in the final season, the show can wrap up in a more satisfying way.

Plus, Wright’s character has always been fascinating but has played second banana to Spacey’s for the past five seasons. Using the final season to delve into Claire should be fascinating for long-time fans of the show.

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House of Card‘s sixth and final season will start streaming on Netflix on November 2.

Are you looking forward to seeing Robin Wright’s Claire take the lead in the final season of House of Cards? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: Deadline