The First season 1, episode 4 recap: ‘Where Life Is’


As Sadie deals with the aftermath of being cut from the team, Hagerty must face the consequences of his decision in this episode of The First.

The First continues to deal with the politics of a space mission that is still trying to figure out its logistics, team, and game plan. After rejecting Kayla’s recommendation to keep Sadie on, Hagerty must now figure out how to keep the momentum moving forward.

We also learn more about Sadie and her relationship with her husband with whom she’s trying to have a baby with. Except, there’s just one tiny problem — she’s still taking birth control.

All the while, she’s still helping Fletcher get caught up on everything to prepare for the mission to Mars.

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It seems like Laz is starting to suspect whether or not Hagerty made the right decision by letting Sadie go and when she asks Kayla for her opinion, she doesn’t exactly get a warm response.

While initially resisting to be open, Kayla finally admits that she feels that she was replaced as commander because she’s black.

Hagerty and Kayla have a conversation in which they finally admit they avoided talking about her being replaced and she states she wishes to have respect for him.

It’s nice to see them have this conversation because considering how everything went down, it’s not cool to gloss over something that monumental.

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Hagerty gets busy in this episode of The First while having Ellen over. He shows her around the tattoo shop and even some of Denise’s paintings. This led to Ellen suggesting that they could be each other’s support by having a no-strings-attached relationship.

Unlucky for them, Denise returns home from work to see them in bed together. Let’s just say that the next morning was quite awkward, and Denise was not happy to learn Ellen had invaded her personal space.

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All in all, this episode of The First was a bit boring and slow and didn’t have much development besides the aftermath of Sadie being let go. As the episodes go on, here’s to hoping there more depth and development in the plot and characters.