The First season 1, episode 6 recap: ‘Collisions’


As the season 1 finale of The First inches closer, Denise ends up in jail and calls upon someone we didn’t quite expect.

It’s interesting to see how The First is less about being in space and focuses more on the impact of family life and the behind-the-scenes politics. I’m interested to know from anyone that has personally experienced this if there is validity to how this show presents all of it.

After Denise ends up at a rave, she finds herself behind bars in jail. And it’s quite surprising to learn who she calls to bail her out–Laz. Given everything with the mission is a hot mess and all eyes are on them, the pressure is certainly on.

Helping Denise out is a distraction for Laz as well, so she takes an important meeting over the phone and excuses for her absence with not feeling well. The reporter wants to know and understand what has been going on, and Laz jumps right into explaining what is going on with the MAV malfunction.

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But he wasn’t so much interested in that as he was about Laz personally, including where she came up with the seed money. Eventually, we learn that the money came from Laz’s sister, a point that made her feel rather embarrassed.

The reporter is brought in to watch the team test a solution for the MAV issue and unfortunately, it does not end up working. If you ask me, this mission isn’t exactly something that sounds all that promising.

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While working on a training exercise, Hagerty finds out about Denise and heads home. This seems to be a similar pattern as the mission before this and it makes me wonder if will prevent him from going again. When he reaches home, he tries to confront Denise but things get awkward when Laz thinks her purse with the painkillers inside is missing.

Hagerty assumes Denise has stolen them only to learn that Laz had just misplaced it somewhere. Ugh, talk about awkward. Things continued to get worse between Denise and Hagerty especially after she refused to return to rehab and their conversation about him leaving the mission again gets complicated.

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Laz makes Denise an offer to come to stay at her house while they sort everything out. I mean, it’s quite the upgrade from her current living situation so it’s not all that shocking when she decides to go.

The First is nearing the end of the first season, and it’s curious if the show will actually end up in space over the next two episodes. One can hope, right?