Netflix developing choose-your-own-adventure Black Mirror, other specials


Netflix is reportedly working on specials, including a Black Mirror in which viewers will be able to choose how the story unfolds.

Netflix led the way in changing how we watch television, and now the streaming service is at it again.

According to Bloomberg, Netflix is developing multiple live-action “choose-your-own-adventure” specials, including an upcoming episode of the critically-acclaimed anthology series Black Mirror.

The first special is slated to be released before 2019, per Bloomberg’s sources.

Given that Black Mirror‘s fifth season is expected to drop in December, this debut installment may be the Black Mirror one.

More from Black Mirror

Black Mirror most recently released new episodes last December, including the Emmy-winning USS Callister.

The British science-fiction series has received a total of 13 Emmy nominations, winning five times, as well as picking up four BAFTA nominations, winning two times.

Netflix has already released some interactive animated programming, including the Shrek spinoff Puss in Books, which is produced by DreamWorks.

As Bloomberg notes, viewers can restart the episodes and watch the storyline that they didn’t pick the first time.

Naturally, interactive programming is much more complicated and involved to produce. While it will certainly get a lot of buzz, logistically, it likely won’t threaten traditional programming anytime soon.

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Depending on how early viewers get to choose their experience and how long the episodes run, such specials could theoretically be two-plus hours total when all versions are taken into account. In other words, making one episode could prove to be taxing as making two.

However, Netflix seems confident that their efforts will pay off, and such programming will undoubtedly attract curious viewers.