American Horror Story: Apocalypse season 8, episode 4 recap: ‘Could It Be…Satan?’


Did American Horror Story just take us back to Hotel Cortez? Why, yes–they sure did.

American Horror Story has been keeping fans engaged with every passing episode and bringing in bits and pieces of the crossover season in the most subtle yet epic way possible. Last week, the witches made their grand return and we spent the entire week freaking out over it.

This week’s episode brought back even more familiar faces and put a smile on our face because who doesn’t love Gabourey Sidibe’s Queenie and Taissa Farmiga’s Zoe from the Coven season?

We also went back in time to learn more about a group of warlocks that are connected to Cordelia and the other witches.

But before we get there, we have to discuss some new things we learned about Michael Langdon this week including the fact that he wasn’t raised by Constance, his grandmother, but rather by the human Miriam Mead.

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Exactly how this arrangement came about is still unclear but fret not, Jessica Lange is set to return in episode 6 so we will find out soon enough.

We see the extent of Langdon’s powers as he uses them to brutally murder people as he pleases. This caught the attention of the group of warlocks that get him out of jail and put him through a series of tests that will determine what level warlock he is.

Naturally, he slays each and every single test and they start to see him as the male version of the Supreme–which is currently the title that Cordelia holds.

Credit: FX

When Cordelia is summoned to join for an emergency meeting she refuses to believe that this Langdon character could actually be capable of what the warlocks claim. Men just simply don’t have that level of magical ability, according to Cordelia.

But she is quickly proven wrong when Langdon is able to do the things even she wasn’t able to do. What are those things? Well, this is where the episode gets super exciting. We’ve been led to believe that the crossover season would include Coven and Murder House, but this week we got to go back to Hotel Cortez where Queenie is stuck.

While Cordelia was unable to get her out, Langdon did it with minimal effort and then the two go on to pull Madison out of her personal hell. And did we mention that the warlocks’ compound is what goes on to be known as Outpost 3 post-apocalypse?

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The warlocks insist that Cordelia do the test on Langdon, but she doesn’t want the test to kill him. What she doesn’t know is that Langdon seamlessly resurrected Madison and Queenie both. When she catches sight of them from a distance, she is overcome and faints on the spot. Is Langdon causing Cordelia’s powers to go away?

Uh oh–this won’t end well.

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