Big Mouth season 2, episode 3 recap: ‘The Shame Wizard’


In the last episode of Big Mouth, Nick tried to get closer to Gina while Jessi blew up at her mother concerning her extramarital affairs.

This week, fans finally get to meet the anticipated new villain — The Shame Wizard.

Nick, Andrew and Jay are out by the pool and Nick is talking about Gina. While Nick seems fine with Gina dating DeVon, he seems to have hope for himself in the future.

That is when Leah gets out of the pool and says that she has lots of guys she is just friends with. At that moment, Maurice the Hormone Monster shows up to point out her butt to Andrew.

Jay then tells Nick that Gina is putting him in the Friend Zone.

Andrew goes to the bathroom and Maurice sees Leah’s swimsuit in the bathroom and tries to convince Andrew to sniff it. Thanks to Maurice, Andrew begins to please himself while staring at the swimsuit and Leah walks in on him and screams.

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Andrew and Maurice are also screaming. Then, Leah seems astonished and humored and leaves saying “oh my God.” Andrew climbs the fence and rides his bike away, with Maurice saying “I love this kid.”

That is when Andrew starts to hear a new voice in his head.

At Jessi’s house, she is eating with her mother while Connie the Hormone Monstrous is drinking wine next to her. She is still not happy with her mom. Then, her dad comes up from the basement and asks how it is going while Connie goes nuts concerning that question.

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When her dad says he will go back down to the basement to watch more TV, Jessi said that she will go with him and leaves her mother alone at the table. Jessi then returns, her mom smiles, but then she just takes the parmesan cheese and heads back down to her dad.

Nick and Gina are Facetiming over the computer. She mentions that the game they are playing is fun and she needs to tell DeVon (ouch) before saying they have been talking for two hours. Gina asks if he wants to come over the next day to finish homework.

Nick is upstairs talking to The Ghost of Duke Ellington. He calls out his assistant, the Chance-Ometer. Rick the Hormone Monster brings it out and Duke Ellington is still shocked that is Nick’s Hormone Monster.

He starts to say things that happened on their call and it goes from Boyfriend (Matthew Modine) to Friend (Kieran Culkin) and back to Boyfriend.

Andrew is in bed freaking out about whether or not Leah will tell her parents and then the Shame Wizard shows up in his dream. He wakes up and sees Maurice shivering in the corner. Maurice tells him that he assumed he was immune since he had been humiliated so many times but then the Shame Wizard shows up and grabs Maurice, taking him away.

At school, Andrew shows up and Nick asks why he left so quickly the day before. The Shame Wizard is telling him that Nick knows and Andrew makes excuses. He just goes overboard on his excuses and then leaves.

Jessi asks what they should do and Jay says his mom will surely pick him up today from school. He left a note for her on her wine bottle. Nick then admits that he has a study date with Gina and she thinks he is going there to look at her boobs.

Gina shows up and makes fun of his jacket and the Chance-Ometer looks to be a running gag in this episode (as Rick is carrying it around).

Jay is waiting for his mom and Coach Steve asks for help putting the badminton equipment away. Coach Steve has serious problems.

Andrew goes to his mom for advice but she doesn’t ever want to hear anything he might have ever done wrong while his father is already calling him a little pervert. No one will help him.

Gina takes Nick back to her place to study where he meets his her brothers and grandmother. Her grandmother says it is ok to have Nick in her room because he is a “safe boy” which causes the Chance-Ometer to drop closer to Friend. They get into her room and her little sister wrestles Nick to the floor.

Jessi is at the store and Connie is telling her how much her friends and family sucks. Jessi said that her life sucks and Connie tries to convince her to steal some lipgloss.

"Connie: “You’ve got five fingers don’t you?”Jessi: “No, just four but that’s typical animation.”"

Connie compares it to screwing a stranger at a Minor League Baseball game but says it is baby steps. She convinces Jessi to steal it. She does and runs out of the store. She then said she feels great and asks if this is how men feel.

Nick and Gina are studying and Nick is bored to death with it. He then imitates Coach Steve and Gina’s brother immediately recognizes it.

There is then basically a Netflix commercial where Nick talks about Netflix. Gina said they don’t have it. Nick explains how to use it and she asks if it is expensive. He tells her what a great deal it is but then offers her his password and the cartoon is then REDACTED.

That was funny.

Nick and Gina’s brothers are watching TV. The brothers say they know he is trying to get with their sister and when he zings them back, they say they like him and Gina said she does too which causes the Chance-Ometer to move closer to Boyfriend again.

Andrew heads to the tabernacle to talk to the rabbi about masturbation. The rabbi only wants to talk about himself and business ventures.

Jay and Coach Steve are playing badminton because his mom is really late in picking him up. Jay then wants to show Coach Steve a magic trick and turns a badminton shuttlecock into a bird — which makes Coach Steve cry in fear.

Jay and Coach Steve are now best friends.

"Jay: “My best friend is an adult man.”Coach Steve: “And my best friend is an unclaimed child!”"

Jessi gets home and her mother asks how she is doing. She asks about the new lipgloss and Jessi tells her that Missy gave it to her while Connie tells her to lie to her mother for no reason. She then tells her mother that a new Mac and Cheese restaurant opened but she doesn’t want to go there with her.

Andrew is in a confessional now. The Catholic priest tells him to do five All-Fathers. When the priest learns that Andrew is Jewish, he mocks him for wanting something for free. Andrew mocks the priest for being an old man who has sex with little boys. The priest responds that he is 32 and gets down with grown women. He has a picture on his phone to prove it.

When Andrew leaves the church, he is shamed by a statue at the church. As Andrew rides his bike home he gets into his room and then the Shame Wizard shows up there. He tells Andrew he has been waiting for him.

The Shame Wizard takes Andrew to Shame Court, where the jury and judge are all the Shame Wizard and they put him on trial for being a loathesome little pervert.

Gina and Nick are walking together and it seems he might be ready to make a move when DeVon shows up and holds Gina’s hand. Nick takes the bus home and watches as DeVon and Gina kiss and the Chance-Ometer goes to Freind and breaks (“The Matrix baby”).

Back to the trial. The Shame Wizard said that Andrew didn’t do a bad thing — he is a bad thing!  Then, Maurice the Hormone Monster shows up with an objection.

Nick stops at the Friend Zone, which is better than the Alone Zone. Nick gets a buzzer that will vibrate when Gina is ready (“it will never vibrate).” He is then shown around to people who are in the Friend Zone but want more.

The F**k Zone is across the street and Nick sees Gina and DeVon heading in there. Rick is trying to cross the street to that zone but gets hit by trucks. Even his cane is taken by a vulture.

Back at the trial, everyone that Andrew pleases himself thinking of is there to testify against him (including Pocahontas, a tomato and a tooth with a toothbrush). Even Maurice is disgusted by this. Even a sock is testifying about what Andrew did to him.

Jessi testifies that before that, she was going to take him to Hamilton and then Starbucks (“the perfect date”). Andrew is the final witness.

Jay’s mom shows up and finally picks up her son after dark. Jay’s mom then seems to be hitting on Coach Steve. Steve then pulls out his “Bad Mitten” and says he doesn’t need him anymore.

That is when the Bad Mitten said he will kill Steve before he can lose his virginity next episode and then looks at the camera and asks if we don’t like spoilers. He then explains, “I am not a good mitten. I am a bad mitten” before the vulture swoops down and picks him up too. The Bad Mitten kills the bird.

Back to the trial, where Andrew is on the stand. The Shame Wizard asks if Andrew is a good person and Andrew said that he wants to be a good person. Andrew has a boner from this and Andrew then said that he will probably please himself to all this.

Andrew admits to being a bad person and is found guilty. Maurice tells Andrew to stop judging himself, but it might be too late.

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Jessi is stealing money from her mother’s purse. Nick sends Gina a message that said that he likes her and doesn’t know if they can just be friends. She almost responds but then doesn’t. Andrew is in bed crying with Maurice locked in a cage and The Shame Wizard said that they are both his now.