Big Mouth season 2, episode 2 recap: ‘What Is It About Boobs?’


When Gina arrives at soccer practice one day, it causes problems for all the girls and boys on the second episode of Big Mouth season 2.

At soccer practice, Jessi is trying to get past the fact that her parents are almost paying her too much attention since she returned home after running away while Missy seems shocked that Jessi’s mom is dating a woman now.

However, they don’t get very far with that before Gina arrives at practice and suddenly has boobs.

The boys all go completely nuts about it, with Maurice the Hormone Monster crashing and burning. Meanwhile, the girls hate it and get catty.

While Gina is obviously embarrassed, the other girls show their spite in the locker room with both catty things to say about Gina having boobs and one girl mocking Missy for being “as flat as the Earth.”

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Meanwhile, the boys are in their locker room fantasizing about the boobs. Andrew even said he would love to marry the boobs. That is when Jay tucks his boy parts and holds up two basketballs pretending to be Gina.

When Coach Steve walks in, he thinks Jay is a girl. See, despite being their sex ed teacher he has never seen a naked girl and has never had sex because he “isn’t a mommy or daddy.”

At home, Missy is hard on herself for being flat but luckily the poster in her bedroom of Nathan Fillion comforts her. Unluckily, her reflection in the mirror comes out and insults her harshly before telling Fillion to shut up because he is just a nerd’s poster boy with more hair than he needs.

Nick’s family has Andrew over for dinner. They are talking about Jay and Jessi running away and called it a cry for help. They even mention that Nick’s brother Judd ran away once and came back.

"Judd: “How do you even know I’m the same Judd?”Elliott: “If you weren’t, I would love you even more.”"

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Nick and Andrew are joking about the new boobs at school. Maurice then shows up and is excited that they are talking boobs. They are then told not to just like a person for their boobs. When Leah said she likes good boobs, Maurice then spits his vodka onto Andrew.

It is OK to like boobs but they can’t just treat a woman like the boobs are the only things that matter.

Then, inappropriately, Nick’s dad said that everyone at the table other than Andrew has had Diane’s boobs in their mouth. Just … wow.

Jessi’s mom is about to head out and her girlfriend makes her feel guilty about what she is wearing. This does not make Jessi happy and Connie the Hormone Monstress said that it is all the girlfriend’s fault.

Dana wants to be friends with Jessi and Jessi stays nice while Connie is spiteful the entire time.

Nick and Andrew are in class talking about talking to Gina. Meanwhile, Jay is in class and is … let’s just say, he is being Jay and he has some serious problems.

Missy then arrives to class late. She said that she is gross and flat and is disgusting. Her reflection (this time in the window) starts to insult her and make her feel bad about herself again.

In the cafeteria, Coach Steve approaches another teacher and says that some kids told him that people can have sex without having a baby and he wonders if that is true. He asks if he has ever had sex and when he said “everyone has,” Steve asks “even the kids?”

Coach Steve then admits that he has never had sex, which “makes a lot of sense.” When asked if he just masturbates all the time, he said he tried it once but it bent so he stopped. He does have “sheet sneezes.”

"Lizer: “I can’t believe you are a teacher.”Steve: “I’m the sex ed teacher, best friend.”Lizer: “oh, no.”"

Nick heads over to talk to Gina to talk to her and said that he will look at her face because she is more than just boobs. Before he gets, there another guy asks to honk her horns and walks off laughing.

Nick mentions not to lay attention because he saw him sucking on a battery once and Gina said he was probably just preparing it to shove up his butt. Just as his own inept hormone monster Rick tries to give advice, he throws a squeaky ball to distract it and starts to talk to Gina.

Gina starts to imitate Coach Steve and then Nick imitates him as well. He offers to help her with science and when she said she is “solid C’s” he tries his best to not look at the boobs. Meanwhile, Jay is telling Andrew how jealous he is that Nick gets to breathe the same air as those boobs.

She then accepts his offer to study while Andrew and Jay sit across the room and talk about nothing but her boobs. When Jessi walks up and asks how they would feel if girls sit around and just looked at their d**ks all the time, Maurice shows up very excited.

Andrew said that they are just interested and Maurice has Andrew thinking about the peaks and valleys of the female breast. This, by the way, is all accompanied by a ridiculously hilarious fantasy that ends with him making out with all the backpacks in the cafeteria.

Jessi said that Missy feels bad about it because she doesn’t have boobs but that is stopped when Joe goes nuts and beats the crap out of Andrew since not touching his backpack is his “only rule.”

Andrew is in the nurse’s office and feels bad while Maurice tells him there is nothing wrong with liking boobs. However, he looks out and sees Missy, who still feels terrible about how she looks. Andrew said that he doesn’t want to make girls feel bad about themselves.

"Maurice: “As the Dalai Lama once told me, you have enough blood to fill yor heart or your schlong, but not both.”"

Jessi is trying to help Missy feel better about herself. As they look at different girls on social media, Missy feels even worse, Jessi looks discouraged and Connie is like “Bazong!”

"Jessi: “Real beauty is on the inside.”Missy’s reflection: “So is you colon and that’s packed with a lot of crap.”"

As Missy said that she doesn’t think boys care if they are smart, Connie collapses and says she wants to be “hot and dumb.” Missy’s mom walks in and says she wants to take them somewhere.

Nick is in his attic and is telling the Ghost of Duke Ellington about Gina. “Finally, the rich white boy catches a break.” Then, he said the secret to women is to listen and then retain the details they say so he can repeat it later to let her know he was listening.

Coach Steve is in bed having a dream about his whistle and has a sheet shower. That is when his hormone monster Rick (yes, the same one as Nick) shows up and blames himself for being a bad hormone monster.

Coach Steve lives in a shipping container by the dock, by the way.

Missy’s mom takes Jessi and Missy to a Korean spa, where they all have to get undressed. It is where all women can feel comfortable. Jessi feels uncomfortable until she takes her clothes off. There are a ton of nude women in the room.

Connie loves this and sings a song to celebrate the difference between all the women’s bodies (“God made us in her image and that girl has no shame”).

When Missy’s reflection tries to tear her down again, she tells her to “go fudge yourself.” That causes the reflection to melt.

Then, Jessi’s mom’s girlfriend walks up and is there and said that they should all hang out. That is when Jessi said that she doesn’t want to be friends with her and wants her to leave her alone.

Dana openly wonders why all her girlfriend’s daughters hate her.

Nick and Gina are studying together. When Rick the Hormone Monster shows up and suggests he bites her hand, he tricks him into playing fetch again. Gina gets a text and tells Nick that DeVon and Devin broke up and it might be because DeVon likes her.

She looks happy and Nick looks devastated. Gina is excited but she felt it is weird.

Missy walks through the locker room topless and some girls snicker at her. Missy said that she is owning it. Jessi tells Missy to put her shirt on because not everyone went to the Korean spa.

Andrew apologized for anything he might have done to make her feel bad. Missy has no idea what he is talking about. He then said that if they don’t have anyone in three years, should they get hitched. When she walks off, he said he took it as a soft no.

Shannon walks in to talk to Jessi about seeing Dana at the Korean spa. Jessi mentions that she guesses both of them have seen her naked now, so that is cool. Jessi then mentions that Dana has a great body and it is so much better than her moms.

That hurt her mom’s feelings, but Jessi said that her mother had an affair and then made her father sleep in the basement. She then tells her mother to stop messing up her life. Her mother tells her to go to her room but she reminds her that they are in her room and tells her mother to go to her room.

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As her mom runs out crying, Connie is behind the door and says “that is beautiful.”

That is it for the second episode of Big Mouth season 2. Make sure to come back for more recaps of the season and stream the show on Netflix.