The Man in the High Castle season 3, episode 3 recap: ‘Senso Koi’


On the third episode of season 3 of The Man in the High Castle, romances bloom as plots are hatched and agendas are revealed.

Juliana watches a film where she’s a prisoner being lead through a tunnel to a mysterious light. Joe is one of the Nazi guards who stops her, shoots her in the head, and then shoots himself.

She can remember that the place is called Lackawanna, Pennsylvania and that Joe, despite appearances, was acting as a friend when he shot her.

Joe is attending a reception held by Tagomi and Juliana wants to attend so she can talk to him. She’s not sure if she can trust him, but she thinks he has information that she needs.

Smith breaks into Alice Adler’s house to stage a robbery to cover for Helen. Regardless of how things appear, Smith knows that Hoover and the SD are going to take an interest. Under the circumstances, he asks Helen not to see her analyst Dr. Ryan anymore.

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Meanwhile, Dr. Mengele introduces Smith to his research into alternate universes. Himmler wants Smith to spearhead the research into the films. Smith sees his son in one of the films he watches. It is increasingly clear that Himmler is grooming Smith to replace Rockwell as Reichmarschall.

Joe kills the defector Oliver Diels, so it appears his job is primarily as an assassin. His new targets include Howard Wexler, a scientist, and Tagomi.

He meets Juliana at the reception and they have a furtive conversation. Later, he surprises her at home and immediately kisses her, telling her he thought she was dead. He talks about his torture and re-education, which seems to have worked really well because he tells her the Reich is the future.

Poor Joe means well but always ends up just on the wrong side of right, thinking that he never had a choice.

Nicole Dormer is working as a filmmaker for the Nazi propaganda office in New York. Her newest project is something called Jahr Null, or Year Zero, in which symbols of American history are destroyed and the history books reset to include only the Reich — basically erasing any future knowledge of a time before the Reich.

Sampson gets highjacked by a bounty hunter on his way out of town, thinking that he knows about a secret sanctuary for Jews. Kido apprehends Hagan, who is tortured and reveals that Frank Frink is still alive.

Kido meets with the new Yakuza boss Okami. He confides in Gina and struggles with his attraction to her and his general loneliness. Tagomi also has an attraction to Tamiko, the woman he met in the park.

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She gifts him one of her paintings. Nicole strikes up a flirtation with Thelma Harris. Meanwhile, Ed has started up a romance with Jack, the man he met in the bar, but Childan is pushing to get back to San Francisco.

This season of The Man in the High Castle already has about five times more romance than the first two seasons put together.