The Man in the High Castle season 3, episode 4 recap: ‘Sabra’


On episode 4 of The Man in the High Castle, Juliana and Joe continue their circumspect romance as they both try to get information from each other. Meanwhile, many of Juliana’s allies are endangered.

Sampson arrives at Sabra, a Jewish community disguised as a Catholic monastery. The bounty hunter holds everyone at gunpoint as Frank Frink, badly scarred from the explosion, tries to talk him down.

Lila comes from behind and shoots the bounty hunter. Frank is the artist behind the revolutionary sunrise posters. Young people have been using the symbol, graffitiing it all over as an act of hope and defiance.

Kido asks the Yakuza to find Frank for him. At the bar he sees Gina talking with one of the musicians and gets jealous. He finally lets her get close. Meanwhile, Lila goes to town and sees that the Yakuza are going around with a picture of Frank to see if anyone has seen him.

Juliana follows Joe to a cafe where they flirt and catch up. Juliana gets caught up in an oil embargo protest where a monk immolates himself. Joe comes along to help her escape the chaos.

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He takes her home where she asks him about Lackawanna, which he says he’s never heard of. She tells him that she has a memory of this place, but knows she’s never been there. They sleep together, Joe saying that he’s imagined this moment many times. While they obviously care about each other, this relationship is mainly manipulation on both their parts.

This is most obvious in contrast between how Juliana interacts with Joe and how she interacts with Wyatt, who shows up randomly at her apartment. She is warm and happy with him, whereas with Joe she is seductive but always on guard. Wyatt gives Juliana his number and hopes to see her while he’s in town.

Joe kills Howard Wexler, a defector from the Reich and a researcher who was working with the trade ministry on an important project. Kido is trying to track the Nazi spy responsible.

Because Tagomi worked closely with him and knows too much, Joe must also kill him. Joe contacts the Yakuza to get him information about Tagomi’s habits and associates to help plan his assassination. The Yakuza say they have a man on the inside.

Meanwhile, Tagomi arranges to have dinner with Tamiko at her house. Tagomi and Tamiko have a lovely evening, but Joe is waiting to catch Tagomi as he walks through the park on his way home. Tagomi stops, knowing he’s being followed and hears the gun cock just behind him.

Erich Raeder’s body is finally found, obviously murdered. Smith continues to re-watch the film that features Thomas and ends up having terrible nightmares about women and children being executed by Nazi’s in a war-torn city.

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Nicole works on Jahr Null, filming the new Nazi Youth destroying symbols of the old America. She and Thelma get together and spend the night at her apartment.

Childan and Ed acquire a belt buckle that belonged to John Wayne. They pack up, say their goodbyes, and head back to San Francisco, but before they get far their bus and inventory are highjacked.

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