9-1-1 season 2, episode 4 recap: ‘Stuck’


9-1-1 gives a new meaning to stuck as the first responders rescue those unable to get out of claustrophobic situations and rescue themselves from being stuck in a pattern.

9-1-1 is awfully clever from week to week with the themes of their episode. Not only do they have a central theme but they find a way to incorporate it into the situations and the personal lives of each of the characters.

This week’s focus? Being stuck. And it made for some jaw-dropping 9-1-1 moments that we have come to expect with every week. There are also those emotional moments that tug at our heartstrings in a way that we never imagine they will. Case in point is this season’s Eddie played by Ryan Guzman.

He is incredibly good-looking and while we try to process that aspect of him, there’s also the part of his character that is just so overwhelmingly adorable. He has a young son with cerebral palsy and has his family members take care of him while he’s at work. However, this week on 9-1-1 was all about finding someone to help take care of Christopher.

The Cap let Eddie bring Christopher to the station and he spends the entire day with them on calls, which was incredibly sweet. He bonds with everyone and it’s just such a beautiful few moments in this week’s episode that really stood out. Thanks to Buck, Eddie finally gets the help he needs to figure out Christopher’s situation and it’s nice to see the two men finally become friends.

Credit: Fox

Chimney had quite an emotional journey this week after bumping into his ex Tatiana who is now married and pregnant. His sense of feeling stuck came from the fact that he nearly died but nothing in his life changed. He feels like he’s still in his car on the freeway and nothing is moving forward. But thanks to the unexpected run-in and a talk with the Cap, he finds a way to move on and embrace life, rather than run from it.

Maddie decides to move out of Buck er Abby’s apartment and finally start to make a new life for herself. She is pushing forward from being stuck by her past and it seems like Buck may start to as well. Abby is still gone, and traveling the world and he is still living in her place, waiting for her to come back. The events of this week’s episode have started making him realize that he too deserves to be happy.

Athena is faced with a predicament of her own when she is offered a promotion to lieutenant. And while this was always her dream, it seems like priorities have changed and she doesn’t want that anymore. It’s Bobby who helps make her realize that there is nothing wrong with being comfortable, and she should do what she feels is right. Can we all have a Bobby in our lives?

Along with everyone’s personal lives and between the man stuck in the ATM, the man who was proposing to his girlfriend on the elevator and fell in, the girl whose head got stuck in a tailpipe, or the guy that got stuck between two buildings, there was a lot of focus on being stuck. But each person got out of their situation and each character found a way to look ahead and move on to other things.

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9-1-1 truly captures a unique sentiment from week to week and doesn’t just thrive off the thrill and drama. It makes its characters and their stories meaningful and for that, we can thank Mr. Ryan Murphy.

9-1-1 airs every Monday on Fox at 9 PM EST!