The Man in the High Castle season 3, episode 6 recap: ‘History Ends’


On the sixth episode of The Man in the High Castle, Juliana must make her way to the neutral zone to escape the authorities and share her secret information with Abendsen. Smith prepares for the Reichsmarschall ceremony as Helen comes out of her fugue.

Juliana calls Wyatt for help after having killed Joe. She needs to send Tagomi the secret files she found before she leaves town. Wyatt helps her deliver the files and drives her to the neutral zone.

When they stop for gas at a disused station they are stopped by two Kempeitai officers and have to kill them both. They cross the border into the neutral zone safely and Wyatt takes Juliana home while he tries to find Lem for her.

Kido investigates Joe’s death, discovering that he is a spy and that Juliana was seen entering his room a few hours before his death. He tells Tagomi about Juliana’s presence at the crime scene but doesn’t get much information from him about her.

Soon after, Tagomi receives the package from Juliana containing the Kempeitai files she stole from Joe, revealing to Kido that the Kempeitai has a mole. Kido discovers that Nakamura is the leak.

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The Yakuza is sent to seek out Juliana in the neutral zone, but since Joe had Japanese targets, the Kempeitai is not all that interested in finding his killer.

Wyatt returns with Lem, telling Juliana that the Yakuza is flashing her picture all over town. Juliana insists she needs to see Abendsen in person to share her intel with him. They all go together to find him but have to wait with Caroline for him to return.

Smith is called to Mengele’s lab to interview a “traveler” that is being brought out of her induced coma. Before he has a chance to ask her many questions, she is able to transport herself back to her own universe, disappearing before his very eyes.

Kido calls Smith to tell him about Joe’s death who then has to report it to Himmler. Himmler is very upset, considering that the Lebensborn is his own special project. Himmler sends another of his men to finish Joe’s job and kill Tagomi.

Helen is starting to feel better about her grief, taking the girls shopping and sharing some good memories about Thomas with Dr. Ryan. Smith reveals the position that Himmler has put him in and that Helen cannot risk being a liability. Together they attend the ceremony swearing in Smith as Reichsmarchall.

Ed and Childan get back to Denver where Childan sells the belt buckle and the two of them share a goodbye toast. Sampson spots Ed at the bar and takes him aside to tell him that Frank is alive. Ed agrees to go with Sampson to see him.

Frank is hesitant at first to see him, maybe because of his scars or because of how he treated Ed, but Ed is good-hearted and quick to forgive. He’s just happy to see Frank.

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Frank’s bar mitzvah is smartly intercut with Himmler’s speech promoting Jahr Null, the destruction of tradition and history in order to create a single, shared, unique culture.

The joyful celebration of a centuries-old tradition combined with Himmler’s words in contrast to Sampson’s words makes one realize how important those traditions and cultures are and the strength that they bring to the people who share them — and just why the Nazis want to eradicate them so much.

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