The Man in the High Castle season 3, episode 5 recap: ‘The New Colossus’


Plots are enacted as loyalties are revealed and new alliances are formed in this episode of The Man in the High Castle. Juliana and Joe come to an understanding while Smith is called to a surprise meeting with Himmler.

Tagomi narrowly escapes assassination when Joe is interrupted by a police patrol on The Man in the High Castle. Tagomi tells Juliana about the attempt on his life, and even though he can’t be sure, he thinks it was Joe. She goes to confront Joe but doesn’t get an answer about Tagomi. Joe tells her he had to execute his own father and wishes instead that he’s shot himself. She comforts him and they spend some time together.

She asks him to come watch the film of them in the tunnel to see if he remembers anything as she does. He agrees but first goes to take a shower. While he’s occupied she goes through his stuff and finds all the files on his targets and the Lebensborn pin that she recognizes from the Nazis at the Abendsen farm. Of course, he never was actually showering and had managed to take her gun from her purse. He holds her at gunpoint and tells her to take him to Tagomi and Abendsen.

She runs to the bathroom, pretending to be sick but looking for a weapon or an escape. He confronts her, she slashes his neck open with a razor. She watches him until he dies, then she takes his files and leaves the hotel.

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Ed and Childan try hitchhiking back to Denver after getting car-jacked. Ed managed to hide the John Wayne belt buckle from the marauders and offers to give it to Childan if he’ll let Ed stay in Denver with Jack.

Helen wants to resume her analysis, but before she does Smith makes sure to warn Dr. Ryan to keep their conversations strictly to Thomas and that any breach of patient/doctor confidentiality would be deadly to him. Helen feels ashamed for screaming after Thomas when he went to his death, thinking that she showed weakness to be so emotional. Dr. Ryan tells her it takes strength to grieve openly and that nothing is more important to the Reich than a powerful mother.

Rockwell and Hoover prepare their case against Smith, uncovering evidence of Dr. and Mrs. Adler’s murder and the intended kidnapping of Thomas. Hoover visits Helen, having found a lost button of hers at the scene of Alice Adler’s death. She admits its her’s but denies killing Alice. Smith finds Thelma as she’s leaving Nicole’s apartment, using his influence to extract information from her. Smith is called to a surprise meeting with Himmler where Rockwell confronts him with his allegations. Hoover, surprisingly, backs up Smith and says there is no evidence to support Rockwell’s claims.

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Smith had confronted Hoover earlier, gaining his support through the blackmail obtained by Thelma Harris. Rockwell is arrested and Smith is promoted to Reichsmarschall. Himmler basically says that he knows the allegations are true and that Smith needs to be more careful. Himmler had Erich Raeder killed because he felt that he was a liability against his plans for Smith and tells him not to let his wife become a similar liability. It says something that despite how clever and manipulative Smith is, he was still a step behind Himmler.

Rockwell is exiled to Cuba where he is having a sexy old time until an assassin from Smith kills him, eliminating the possibility of revenge later.