Rebecca Romijn shares first look of Number One in Star Trek: Discovery


Rebecca Romijn reveals first look at Number One in an image from Star Trek: Discovery season two.

Rebecca Romijn, most famous to geeks for playing Mystique in Bryan Singer’s X-men trilogy, is about to make herself a new name in the annals of geekdom. Romjin revealed via Instagram a first look photo of herself as the iconic Star Trek character Number One. She appears in the classic gold command uniform, looking effortless and in charge. Romijn will appear in Star Trek: Discovery season two as the character originally made famous by Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s wife.

Number One only appeared in one episode of Star Trek, the first pilot of the series produced by Roddenberry. Her presence as a woman in a command position caused a commotion among network executives, saying that it wasn’t believable to have a woman hold such a position. Executives told Roddenberry that to move forward with the series that he either had to lose Number One or the guy with the pointy ears. Despite Roddenberry’s dedication to women’s rights, he ultimately felt that the character of Spock was essential to the series and wrote Number One out of the show.

Romijn’s role in Discovery allows viewers to experience Roddenberry’s vision the way he was never allowed to, finally giving Number One the screen time and the voice she deserves. While it still might be difficult for some viewers to take a woman in command seriously, it obviously isn’t the fantasy network executives considered it to be back in the 60s.

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It will be a joy to see her work with the crew of the Enterprise and to see how her presence affects the dynamics and relationships inside the ship. Perhaps we will even get a chance to learn where her career went after her time on the Enterprise, whether she went on to get a command of her own and where she fits into Starfleet history.

Season two of Star Trek: Discovery premieres on CBS All-Access on January 17, 2019.

Source: Deadline