American Horror Story: Apocalypse season 8, episode 5 recap: Boy Wonder


American Horror Story takes things to the Supreme level as two more characters return to the intriguing season of Apocalypse.

American Horror Story has not been disappointing this season as we get deeper into the crossover season. This week’s episode brought back more blasts from the past in the form of Misty Day and the White Witch aka Stevie Nicks. And of course, continued Michael’s quest to take over and reign as Supreme over Cordelia.

We pick up right where we left off last week with Cordelia coming to after fainting at the sight of Madison and Queenie. But before she wakes up, she has a vision of zombies and white-faced demon and being torn apart and eaten alive. When she wakes up she decides that she needs to let Michael take the Test of Seven Wonders to prove himself worthy.

However, John Henry is skeptical of Michael and is increasingly starting to believe that he really may be the Antichrist. On his quest to tell Cordelia what he fears, he heads to New Orleans only to be brutally murdered by Miriam while stopped at a gas station.

Credit: FX

Myrtle isn’t all too convinced that Cordelia is making the right decision regarding the warlocks but since Cordelia’s powers are slowly deteriorating she feels she needs to pass the baton on, at the very least to save humanity.

As the Test of Seven Wonders is administrated via a silent film montage, Michael passes each test with flying colors and effortlessly faces his final task–bringing Misty Day back from the depths of hell. When we first see Misty, she is in her personal hell constantly dissecting a live frog and bringing it back from the dead.

Of course, Michael succeeds in bringing her back and ultimately Cordelia comes to terms with the fact that she is no longer Supreme. But it seems Cordelia is 100 steps ahead of Michael because her plan all along was to use him to bring back all the girls and gauge just how powerful he truly is. Bravo, Cordelia, that’s how you play ’em.

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As the episode comes to a close, who better to show up than the White Witch herself–Stevie Nicks who performs a rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s “Gypsy”. As the group is enamored over the musical performance, Cordelia asks Madison to dig up what she can on Michael.

All the while, Chablis hears their secret plan and confesses he is a bit concerned regarding Michael as well. What’s the solution? To go back to where it all began–Murder House.

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