Norm Macdonald Has a Show season 1, episode 3 recap: Judge Judy


In episode 3 of Netflix’s Norm Macdonald Has a Show, Norm talks with Judge Judy about the law, how Judge Wapner was too by the book, and female comedians.

Though Norm Macdonald’s known for dry humor (which not everyone gets), this episode of Norm Macdonald Has a Show actually begins with some physical comedy, as Norm pretends to savagely beat up Adam Eget for dressing like a bailiff.

While Judge Judy Sheindlin doesn’t get so feisty, she’s known for her ability to control a courtroom during her televised proceedings. However, she is a little less tightly wrapped when speaking with Norm.

In fact, they talk about a lot of different things, like how no one’s supposed to say the word “gypped” anymore because it could offend people. She’s also asked about the statute of limitations phenomenon, although she doesn’t really get much into it.

She does note that O.J. Simpson can’t be tried for the same accusation twice, yet he still ended up in prison. Specifically, she says O.J. shouldn’t have tried to get his stolen stuff back with a gun.

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Judge Judy on being different from Judge Wapner

The People’s Court starring was a precursor to Judge Judy, so it’s only natural that Norm would ask her about it. According to Judge Judy, she once happened to meet Wapner on a cruise when she was starting out. Though she says he was polite, she thinks Wapner saw her as an affront to justice.

She says Wapner was a “judicial purist,” which was boring, and that he didn’t find wiggle room in the law.  In contrast, she says laws can be inconsistent, so long as they create the right result. Boring or not, The People’s Court with Judge Wapner lasted for 12 seasons and had a whopping 2,484 episodes!

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Fans, Dogs, Raunchy Female Comedians and Stressors

Sheindlin thinks cameras should be present in the courtroom for family court.

She also maintains that, if you don’t have a family, you shouldn’t be a family court Judge.

Regarding fans or detractors, she says she doesn’t read her own fan mail. Also, she doesn’t travel around with an entourage of bodyguards, saying that, “If you’re old and short, people look past you.” In that regard, she compares herself to a dachshund.

She does say that, although she’s short, she conveys tallness. Regarding dogs (as an extension of her dachshund remark), she says that dogs have feelings and should be regarded as sentient beings in legal matters, as opposed to mere property.

The Judge then mentions women stand up comics who are raunchy, and wonders why so many of them are. She says Ellen is the only one who isn’t (though that’s debatable, as Rita Rudner and even Maria Bamford have fairly “clean” material).

Not having a definitive answer, Norm suggests women feel that’s how they can succeed. As a bit of an olive branch, Judge Judy says she’s capable of being raunchy and tells dirty jokes sometimes.

She also talks about stress, and how she lived modestly as a public servant before her big break in TV.  She says that, although being rich takes away money as a problem, other stresses remain.

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Sheindlin does, however, deny that she’s surpassed Oprah in terms of wealth accumulation. Either way, she says people shouldn’t have to ask you for money, and that, at least sometimes, you should just give some away to make yourself feel better.

Then, as a final talking point, Judge Judy says she would clone herself in a heartbeat.

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