The 31 best Netflix horror series to binge this Halloween

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From Dusk Till Dawn / Image by El Rey

26. Castlevania

Based on the popular classic Japanese video game from 1989, Castlevania is a Netflix original animated horror series that follows Trevor Belmont, the last living member of his clan of disgraced monster hunters.

It is up to Trevor to save the world when Dracula declares war against humanity when his wife Lisa is burned at the stake after being falsely declared a witch. Trevor than teams up with Dracula’s son Alucard and a magician named Sypha to battle the monsters that Dracula raises against the world.

The first season was only four episodes long but set up the story and prepared viewers for the battle against Dracula that was to come. Season 2 will premiere on Netflix later this month, just in time for Halloween.

25. From Dusk Till Dawn

In 1996, Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction) and Robert Rodriguez (Desperado) teamed up to make a movie called From Dusk Till Dawn. The movie was an interesting experiment — the first half a Tarantino-esque crime epic with two thieves taking a hostage and heading to Mexico.

The second half was straight horror when they ended up in a vampire bar and had to fight for their lives, a story straight out of Rodriguez’s wheelhouse. It was a great movie and remains a cult classic.

In 2014, Rodriguez was securing the rights to TV shows for his newly launched El Rey Network, a channel designed for English-speaking Latinos. He then developed the television version of From Dusk Till Dawn for that network.

Three seasons ended up airing on El Rey and all three are available to watch on Netflix.