Mayans MC season 1, episode 7 recap: Cucaracha/K’uruch


On the latest episode of Mayans MC, Galindo and Adelita meet and she reveals more about herself to both him and Felipe Reyes.

The episode opens with EZ taking some tapes out of a tape recorder and putting them in a paper bag. Meanwhile, Angel talks to Bishop and a couple of his men in the Mayans MC meeting room about the tunnel he found. While hesitant, Angel tells them about where it goes. Bishop approves of Angel informing him, but adds that the tunnel’s existence should stay between them for now.

Angel leaves the meeting room and gets a text. In response, he goes to get EZ, who is writing something on the paper bag. Hastily hiding it from Angel, EZ follows him through the Mayans MC dress shop and to an unmarked van parked in front. Greeted by Adelita, they hop in and begin driving.

Morning dawns and Galindo gets an unpleasant wake-up call in the holding cell while Devante and the others hang out in THE waiting room. As EZ and Angel ride in the van with Adelita, they reveal that they have no other siblings and their Mom’s been dead for about a decade. They also reveal that Felipe still considers her very much alive. Adelita has them pull over to an abandoned car and they drive off.

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They return to the clubhouse where Johnny’s daughter swings by while the Mayans are discussing the situation with Galindo. They know he’s being held, but aren’t sure why. While they agree to go ahead with an impending deal, it’s decided that several guys should remain behind in case Galindo needs them. After business is done with, Johnny formally introduces his daughter to the club, Bishop included. When he tells them that he screwed up pretty badly with her and is trying to set things right, she suddenly gives him a hug. While she has breakfast with her father, EZ goes out on a run with some guys.

Back at the Reyes house, Felipe gets a visit from Adelita. After pulling out a gun, she also takes out an old picture that matches one of his. She reveals she saw the Galindo cartel slaughter her entire family and she is the daughter of someone Felipe once did business with. Her father fled from Mexico to Venezuela in the 80’s and Galindo found them there because he was betrayed by a friend. In response to her thinking he betrayed her father, Felipe adds that he has something to show her.

Jimenez gets notified that he is off the case and another agent will be taking charge from now on. He isn’t happy and is worried that bringing in local cops will get EZ killed.

Felipe tells Adelita that he left working for the cartels because his wife was pregnant and since Adelita’s father didn’t want to leave yet, he never knew what happened to him. When she asks who else could have known where he was, he replies that there was a third man, the one who took the pictures of them together. The same man who helped them both get new identities was a priest who now is a bishop, the same bishop who is Adelita’s “friend.” The revelation makes her physically sick and she takes the picture of the three men.

While Adelita apologizes to him and leaves the Reyes house, EZ and some of the Mayans rendezvous for a business deal with the Sons of Anarchy. While in the middle of business he gets a call from Jimenez saying his deal is being pulled, but he’s not giving up. Jimenez also reveals that he needs to keep an eye out while with the Mayans MC and agrees to keep him informed. After hanging up, Jimenez begins following his boss in a car as he leaves work.

While in the holding cell, Galindo is being harassed by a huge guy. When he demands Galindo hand over his shirt, Galindo pretends to hand it over before using it to strangle him to death.

While EZ and the others are riding a cop sees them and radios about a possible situation. Meanwhile, Johnny takes his daughter to see her mother. She knows that the girl took the car, but threatens to report that Johnny stole it as leverage before she storms off. It’s obvious she resents her son for a lot of reasons, not least of which is that he never calls or does anything for her. After she walks off, Johnny gives his daughter a hug and some money before leaving.

Undeterred, his mother comes back and demands the money from the girl. For good measure, she adds that it won’t last and if she wants to keep getting the money she better go out and sell her body for money. Greatly upset, the girl storms to the bathroom where she begins hurting herself.

The cops pull the Mayans MC riders over and it turns out the cops were the same ones from the casino. Seeing this, EZ taunts the cops before taking them on a chase while the other Mayans MC members laugh. While his father drives off somewhere while bringing along a gun, EZ stops at a police barricade and gets off the bike. When he does, the cops take turns beating him.

Back at the border, Devante talks to Emily about her husband’s situation and isn’t sure what’s up. Miles away Galindo is the subject of another meeting, one with Jimenez’s boss that Jimenez insists on crashing. Pushing his boss out of the way, Jimenez tells everyone that taking the investigation from him and destroying EZ Reyes is a mistake. He also reveals that Galindo is being detained at the border and that means he’s off the grid.

While they begin looking into the situation, Galindo is taken from the holding cell. After cuffing him, a female officer escorts him to a basement room where Adelita comes to meet him. After asking the agents to remove the cuffs they are left alone.

When Galindo demands his son she replies that he and his family is safe. She also adds that she’s not there to kill him and reveals what happened to her family. It turns out that what she wants  his cooperation and she shows him the various parts of his enterprise on a laptop live feed. But that’s not all, because on her command she destroys several properties in real-time so he can watch. When Galindo shrugs it off, she threatens to destroy his entire operation while he fights a drug charge in court.

Adelita adds that she wants to work with the Galindo cartel because she knows another cartel will just take its place. So if that’s the case, Adelita wants to use the money to feed starving children. In exchange for the cartel backing off violence, she offer the services of her organization in exchange for a piece of the action. To help establish trust Adelita reveals her real name and Galindo considers what she’s offering. She also adds that they need to include a third-party to help keep them honest and lets him think about her offer.

The Mayans are preparing to do something about EZ when he walks in pretty beat up. Bishop says that he thinks EZ’s a smart kid and adds that his decision was both brave and reckless. After Bishop adds that if EZ does that again he’s done, Johnny’s daughter shows up just as beat up as EZ is. After she claims her grandmother did it to her, Johnny instructs them to clean her up and he immediately rides off.

The border facility personnel bring Galindo his son and say he’s free to go. Adelita watches him leave and says that they’ll be in touch. Galindo returns home and everyone is thrilled, Emily especially. Another family is trying to run somewhere using the tunnel with the assistance of a Mayan MC member, but he’s busted by Bishop and his associates.

Johnny’s Mom is taking a bath when he forces his way into the apartment. Finding her, he immediately punches his Mother. When she threatens to bury him with what she could say about him and the girl, Johnny drowns her in the bath water. EZ returns to the Reyes house and sees that his father is gone, but finds his lockbox is out and he begins going through the contents.

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The Galindo family is celebrating the return of their son when the power goes out. Galindo and his men go to check it out and don’t return, which makes Emily nervous. Eventually, only Emily is left and she goes out to the garage to investigate. She finds everyone being handcuffed and the same Agent that Jimenez was pleading with speaks to Emily. It seems she may have an alias as well.

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