Mayans MC season 1, episode 4 recap: ‘Murciélago/Zotz’


On the latest episode of Mayans MC, violence escalates and new threats emerge to people on all sides.

EZ and the other Mayans are having a good time one night at a house party while a couple of guys are out hunting on Mayans MC. But it looks like local law enforcement is also having a good time at the Mayans’ party, as one guy in a badge bounds down the stairs while zipping up his pants. But it turns out the hunters were actually scoping out people, as they were scoping out illegal immigrants to shoot. The cop who left the Mayans party quickly stumbles upon the body of the slain man and regrets that it ruined his quiet night.

The next day the Mayans drive up and talk with law enforcement and the Mayor to see if they can help. When the Mayor chats with Bishop she reveals that it’s a pattern and she is worried because the Mayans are supposed to be the only crime in town. Apparently, the Mayans have a longstanding arrangement with the Mayor and while she understands, she is finding it harder to reconcile the public good with reality.

Likewise, the Mayans are worried that more high-ranking law enforcement officials may come to town and resolve to figure out what’s going on. Meanwhile, Emily finds out that a big local festival is coming up. She doesn’t say a word, but it’s obvious something is going on in her mind.

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Back at the Mayans MC headquarters, EZ chats with Marcus Alvarez and it’s clear Alvarez approves of EZ and thinks he’s smart. The two chat for a bit before Alvarez leaves and Angel and Johnny get a message to go see someone.

While manning the shop, Felipe gets a visit from the agent he ambushed. When he says Jimenez wants to talk to EZ because of changes going on around town, Felipe pushes back saying that they’ll get their intel at the end of the week as agreed upon and that if Jimenez has an issue, he should talk to them directly.

The Mayans all go deal with some local vigilantes (the same ones who shot the guy) and it seems EZ is familiar with one from his time in prison. When talking to the woman in charge, the Mayans say that since the guy was carrying drugs, that changes it from just picking off illegal immigrants to killing a drug runner. While the woman waves it off and talks to the guy EZ recognizes, the Mayans strategize. EZ gives an observation and after the woman doesn’t yield, the Mayans leave but divide up to keep an eye on the situation.

Back at the Rebel camp, it seems Emily and Galindo’s son has a cough and their treatment isn’t working. Galindo himself doesn’t have any news on his son, but Emily comes up to him with something to say. She gives them all research she’s done on the Taliban and sees countless parallels between the Rebels and the Taliban, which explains why the Cartel keeps losing ground to the Rebels. Emily continues by saying that the Rebels’ main weapon is people’s fear of the Galindo Cartel and that Galindo needs to turn that against them, with the upcoming festival being the perfect venue.

A nurse arrives at Rebel camp and attends to Emily and Galindo’s son. But while this is going on, the same young boy the Rebels took in earlier seems to be video taping the nurse with Adelita and the boy. Shortly after this, Angel, EZ, and another associate follow some of the vigilantes and end up in a brawl before it ends rather quickly.

Back at the Mayans’ headquarters, they come up with plan B after discussing how EZ’s hunch was right. As he is not part of the discussion, EZ is fixing his bike while Felipe rolls up unexpectedly and passes along Jimenez’s message, adding that the agents are watching him. EZ feels bad for this and agrees to speak to Jimenez.

Galindo, his right hand man Devante, and Emily are making plans for the festivities when Galindo get’s the video the young boy took. Turns out the nun is Dominican and part of a church Galindo bankrolled. Also making plans is Jimenez’s superior, who wants EZ to do something Jimenez doesn’t approve of. The guy is unsympathetic about EZ since he killed a cop and pushes Jimenez, who reluctantly goes along with getting EZ to do whatever it is.

It turns out EZ’s new instructions are to get close to Emily, which he doesn’t like as Jimenez expected. After informing Jimenez that he’d rather lose the deal and go back to prison, EZ hands back the folder and walks out of the Jimenez’s car.

Johnny meets up with his Mother and Sister at a diner and the two women immediately begin bickering. When he tells her that she can’t go around saying she’s his sibling, she gets angry and storms out. He immediately begins bashing his Mother and it turns out that his sister is adopted, was the biological child of a junkie, and is technically her Granddaughter. Johnny becomes even harsher with his Mom and lashes her over her lifestyle before he goes out to the girl and tries to comfort her.

But Johnny’s Mom storms out and reveals that the girl is actually her biological Granddaughter and implies that she’s Johnny’s daughter. In response, the girl storms off and climbs into a truck, where she offers sexual favors if the guy gives her a ride, which he seems to accept. The guy in the truck and Johnny’s Mom both drive off, while Johnny can only stand there stunned.

Preparing to leave, Emily and her mother in law get in a car and talk. She warns Emily that if she persists in being part of the business circle, she will see and hear everything and must feel nothing; warning that a child must have at least one parent who can feel. For good measure, she adds that the choices she makes now will stay with her. Emily responds by saying that all she wants is her son back and when her husband gets in the car the Galindo family drive off.

Jimenez visits Felipe and tells him that he’s worried about EZ and maybe he can help his son make the right choice. Felipe immediately shoots back that EZ can make his own choices. The two men talk more and it comes out that Jimenez’s father was a drunk and apparently Felipe knew him. It also seems that Felipe Reyes didn’t exist before 1985 and Jimenez leans heavily on Felipe to help him, threatening to tear the family apart with what he knows. Felipe just stares at him stoic as always, but it seems Jimenez isn’t quite as tough about it  as he pretended, because after driving off his own behavior makes him physically sick.

Once darkness falls the Mayans speak to a contact before going up on the ridge where the vigilante’s house is, taking care to stake the area out with rifles before cautiously advancing. But when they get close a gunshot comes through the door and they all take cover and retreat. Some of the Mayans give chase to one, while the rest go in the house and sweep the place. Stepping in the living room, they see that everyone is dead

Angel takes down the straggler and he interrogates the guy. It seems the guy doesn’t know what happened at the house either and Angel quickly takes the guy out, then takes care to stage the area so Bishop doesn’t know what happened, which includes EZ cutting off the guy’s thumb to access his phone.

Back at the house, they notice the guys were all killed execution style. Bishop deduces that someone knew they were coming and that it’d be in their interest to clean the mess up. In the meantime, Felipe gets out a lock box and digs through some old papers and photos, some which is written in Spanish.

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While Emily and Galindo arrive at the festival and mingle with people, EZ digs a grave and Angel continues to cover his tracks. While digging, the ground around EZ caves in and he falls down into a deep tunnel.

The festival goers arrive in the local church to see the place trashed and papers all over the floor. After a crowd forms Emily goes in and after seeing a dead nun (presumably the one who treated her son), she collapses in shock. Galindo carries her home while his Mother and associates watch.