New Narcos: Mexico trailer shows this season’s decadent and brutal story


New Narcos: Mexico trailer shows the brutal and excessive world of the Guadalajara drug cartel.

Narcos has finally released the official trailer for the show’s upcoming fourth season. Set to be released on November 16, Narcos: Mexico features DEA Agent Kiki Camarena (Michael Pena) who moves his family to Mexico in the 1980’s where his assignment is to get information on the Guadalajara Cartel and its new leader Felix Gallardo (Diego Luna) as the cartel builds an empire and expands it’s business to Colombia.

Since it takes place in the early 1980’s, features the same subject matter, and is filled with plenty of guns, violence, explosions, showy displays of wealth, and throwback fashion, the new season has much in common with the iconic 1983 film Scarface. But that’s to be expected because virtually any film or TV series that takes place in the 1980’s is usually filled with excess in all it’s forms because it was an excessive era. It seems Narcos: Mexico will be no exception.

But this is true even if the story is not specifically focused on the illegal drug industry. For example, The Wolf of Wall Street was about greed and excess in general, but it’s characters used copious amounts of every drug imaginable; cocaine in particular. If you watch virtually any movie that was either made or takes place during the 80’s, cocaine is usually the drug of choice being used by wealthy, trendy people. Just a few examples include Scarface, Wall Street, American Psycho, and Charlie Wilson’s War.

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Now, this is significant because cocaine is also the drug that fueled the rise of the Guadalajara Cartel. How did they get so rich and powerful in the 80’s? Simple, they found plenty of people who were willing and able to pay good money for their product. So while any story of the 1980’s is typically a story of excess, Narcos: Mexico tells the story of excess gotten by and through drugs.

Source: Deadline