The Good Place season 3, episode 4 recap: Jeremy Bearimy


The Brainy Bunch becomes the soul squad, but is that enough on The Good Place?

On this week’s The Good Place, the gig is up for the dynamic duo of Michael and Janet.

We left the Brainy Bunch as they were about to wish each other farewell for a year after Tahani’s engagement party. As they arrive in the wine cellar to grab some celebratory vino, they see the mystical door to the afterlife and Michael and Janet at the helm.

The only thing is, they know the two from many of their many interferences in their lives.

Michael desperately tries to explain that they are FBI agents, but the Brainy Bunch is too smart for that business! Michael is then forced to come clean and tell them about everything: the hundreds of experiments, the Judge, how they already died, and that the afterlife’s timeline looks like the English cursive name Jeremy Bearimy.

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It would be great if Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason could just go on living their lives, but because they know about the afterlife, they’re doomed. Even if they try to do good for the rest of their lives, the motivation could be compromised. So, they are no longer eligible for Good Place points.

Each of the foursome reacts quite differently.

Eleanor tries to revert back to her old horrible self. She demands free drinks at a bar even when it isn’t her birthday. When she finds a wallet at the bar, she tries to steal the money out of it, but she couldn’t do it.

When she returns the wallet, the owner is so relieved, not because of the money, but because his “good luck charm” – a picture drawn by his daughter – was in there.

Chidi had a bit of a meltdown. He stripped off his shirt. He bought $800-worth of groceries and candy. He gave away his car. He made disgusting candy chili. Then he told his class that they all had A’s and essentially, it doesn’t matter if they live ethical on earth because they’re all doomed anyway.

Tahani and Jason distribute millions of dollars of her fortune all around Australia. She even anonymously donates $2 million to the Sydney Opera House.

When Jason tells her how money like that would change his life, she tries to transfer the rest of her money to Jason. But when her bank won’t do it, she marries him so that he gets the money.

Michael and Janet decide to write a manifesto that explains all of their mistakes in hopes that the Judge will pardon them and others can learn from it.

But before they all go their separate ways, Eleanor has an idea.

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She thinks that just because they can’t save themselves, they can save other people. They can help other people be good so that they end up in the Good Place. It just shows how far Eleanor has come throughout the series. She, played brilliantly by Kristen Bell, has had the most character growth since the beginning.

I’m interested to see where this goes. Even though the Judge is mad right now, this could be the thing that saves them. Maybe the Judge will be moved by their efforts enough to let them restart again. Maybe Michael will somehow sacrifice himself to save them.

All I know is, the show continues to surprise me.

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