Camping season 1, episode 2 recap: Going To Town


Not even Camping can help us adjust to David Tennant’s American accent.

Camping takes a detour into town after an unexpected and not so serious moment occurs during a game of football. If you watched the series premiere last week, then you’ve been introduced to the character of Kathryn McSorley-Jodell, who is an uptight, obsessive-compulsive woman.

After her son Orvis is hit, she panics and assumes he must have a concussion or something internally wrong with him. She uproots the entire camp and everyone heads into town so Orvis can be taken to the emergency room. But only Orvis, Kathryn, and Walt make it there, while the rest of them opt to go to a bar.

They luck out in that regard because Kathryn takes the E.R. by storm as she demands that a more thorough checkup be done of Orvis who must be having internal organ failure, even if he thinks he’s okay. In the process, she starts to feel sick which both she and Walt say is because of her “phantom periods” following her total hysterectomy.

The doctor and nurses are fed up with dealing with Kathryn and it takes essentially the entire day to get her out of the hospital and back to the site. And all along, poor Walt is there listening to everything she is demanding of him. But it’s Harry who convinces Walt to take a stand against her, even if it means starting off by taking the front seat instead of her.

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Meanwhile, the rest of the group is getting drunk off jelly doughnut shots, even Joe who is a recovering drunk. But he doesn’t seem to care at all and joins the rest of the group in drinking and even proceeds to take a pill of Oxy from the relentless Jandice.

I have to say that I pretty much dislike everyone on the show apart from David Tennant and I can tolerate Jennifer Garner’s character because she just pulls it off so well.

But everyone else is meh, and their meh-ness increases by ten-fold when they get plastered drunk.

Joe’s alcoholic state causes him to call Nina-Joy, “Little Chocolate” which pisses George off, and although he promises not to do anything about it, he still does, and tells Joe to stay as far away from his wife as possible–or else.

Jandice and Miguel have a sexual escapade when they go to a local antique store, where she looks at a $5,000 ring with a lot of hope. After they basically destroy the fitting room and leave the store employee to clean up the semen after they run out, Miguel realizes he’s left his wallet and goes back in.

Presumably, in exchange for the mess they made, the employee suggests that he take a look at the ring again because she did seem to be very fond of it. Oh, Miguel, you truly goofed.

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By the end of the day, everyone reconvenes back at the camping site where Kathryn is pissed off about losing out on the steaks she had ordered and the fact no one had Venmoed her for them. And if that’s not enough to set her mood off, then the episode closes out with her annoying looking in Jandice’s direction as Jandice begins to cackle like a maniac.

Oh boy, this camping trip is going to be the longest trip of Kathryn’s life.

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