Making A Murderer part 2 finale recap: Trust No One


The part 2 finale of Making A Murderer leaves viewers with mixed feelings and quite possibly a sadder ending than the first installment.

Making A Murderer part 2 made us feel a range of emotions throughout the ten episodes as we went back and forth on whether or not Teresa Halbach’s real killer would ever be identified. That is if Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are indeed innocent in all of this.

Suffice to say, both men’s post-conviction lawyers have put forth their best efforts to try and acquit these men of the crimes, and the part 2 finale leaves us wondering if this could ever happen. But whatever the results present, both sides are determined to keep trying, and may not even understand the idea of giving up.

Avery’s petition for a new trial is rejected, and it sort of stings considering the amount of effort Zellner and her team put into dissecting so many parts of the case and identifying the parts that were ignored the first time around.

But this isn’t enough to get Zellner down, and she reaches out to the prosecutor who had given Zellner permission to test the additional evidence. Through the help of this prosecutor, it’s possible that the decision could be dismissed but his efforts won’t go past providing her with the evidence.

As the events of the finale catch up to the summer of 2018, we start to wonder where the episode is going to end. Of course, if anything significant would have happened between now and the most recent timeline on the docuseries, we would have heard about it.

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In this episode of Making A Murderer, Barb calls Steven livid over the new accusations that Zellner has made regarding her husband, Scott, and son Bobby.

Steven seems fairly calm and collected throughout the entire conversation despite the vulgarities that are being thrown his way from both Barb and Scott.

But something comes out of this conversation, an admission from Scott and Barb saying that they were aware Teresa Halbach left the property on October 31st. This confirms that Bobby was lying when he said that he saw Teresa walk towards Steven’s trailer.

In November of 2017, Bobby is interviewed by a criminal investigator in which he says, “Zellner can blame me all she wants. It sucks that people are trying to pin on me and Scott.” But this doesn’t even faze Zellner who then takes the case to the appeals court in Wisconsin.

In doing so, she points the finger at the original forensic anthropologist, Eisenberg, who didn’t mention all of the bones that were found which were all found in the quarry owned by Manitowoc County. This is where Zellner believes Halbach actually died contrary to what the prosecution stated during the trial.

It also appears, upon further investigation, that the bones also have cut marks on them which allude to the idea that the body may have been chopped up. So once again, Zellner proves the information was kept from the trial that could have been vital in proving Avery’s innocence.

Making A Murderer presents Zellner’s theory as the following:

Teresa was killed, burned up, and then chopped up into pieces into the Manitowoc Quarry’s property. This is right around where the cell phone location places her, so it makes logical sense to assume Zellner is onto something.

But things get murkier when we learn that the coroner at the time of the murder was banned from visiting the scene where they found the bones. And in the hierarchy of who gets command over the crime scene, it’s the coroner.

But after being threatened with arrest, Debra Kakatsch eventually quit her job as the coroner and testified against the prosecution in 2007. And if Zellner hadn’t gotten the point across before, she makes a point in the finale to say that this is all being done to make sure Teresa Halbach gets the justice she deserves.

If Avery and Dassey are indeed innocent, the real killer may still be out there. But despite all their collective efforts, everyone hits a dead end in this episode. Drizin and Nirider learn that they didn’t win with the Seventh Circuit, and now are left with the option of trying to take it to the Supreme Court.

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court rejects their case and refuses to take it on, saying the original order is to stay in place with the conviction in place. So, for now, that is the end of the road as far as appeals go for Brendan, and he can be considered for early release in 2048.

Meanwhile, Zellner still has some moves she can make with Avery’s case, though it seems near impossible considering all the resistance they’ve had. However, Zellner finally gets access to the Velie CD which has 2,400 pages of evidence that they got from the Dassey computer.

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All the searches that came up are quite disturbing and gross, and not even worth mentioning again here. Seriously–they are horrible. And while it gets submitted with the rest of Zellner’s case, the petition is sent to a judge who already rejected it in the past.

When part 2 of Making A Murderer ends, both Brendan and Steven are still in jail, and while Brendan’s attempts to get out have come to an end, Zellner seems determined more than ever to fight for Steven.

Will there be a part 3 to this docuseries? Given Zellner’s ability to keep going, we wouldn’t be surprised.