Making A Murderer part 2, episode 6 recap: Everything Takes Time


Making A Murderer heads to Chicago as Brendan’s post-conviction lawyers face the Seventh Circuit panel of judges.

Making A Murderer took a break from the lawyers’ streak of good luck to cast a shadow of doubt over both Brendan and Steven’s cases. Sure, Zellner is uncovering things that the defense failed to before, or the prosecution just glossed over, but it’s still a tough road to go down, and as more time passes, the hope starts to dwindle.

This episode is one of the first times we see the Halbach family in some shape or form on the docuseries as they make their way into the building for the Seventh Circuit hearing. It’s a known fact that they have strayed far away from anything to do with Making A Murderer and that has not changed.

As the post-conviction lawyers, families, and others head into the trial, we don’t get to see what happens inside the courtroom, but an audio clip from the proceedings are played while illustrations of the panel of judges and lawyers are shown.

The judges don’t seem to be in support of Dassey’s appeal and point out that he did confess and some of the details he revealed weren’t widely known. You can hear Dassey’s lawyer, Laura Nirider, waver in confidence as she attempts to answer the questions being thrown at her. It’s a bit unnerving because we have come to know of her as a confident individual, but when the pressure is on, it definitely affects her.

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The judges ask her questions relating to Brendan’s IQ and her rebuttal is that his mental status isn’t pivotal to her argument, but isn’t it?

And if things weren’t already feeling a bit off, then Ken Kratz, the original prosecutor, makes his presence known by holding a press conference following the hearing.

Zellner continues to be relentless on Twitter as she points out, “To all the skeptics, doubters & haters just be patient because we are really going to make you mad.”

She could give two hoots about what those against her are saying, and she’s certainly not afraid to show it.

But things aren’t exactly on her side in this episode as she and DNA expert Karl Reich look deeper into the DNA evidence. But they do come to the conclusion that swabs may have been swapped around from when Avery was first brought in.

Weigert, the investigator on the case, was there when the swab was taken so is it possible he muddled with the swabs and replaced them to ensure that the swab would contain oodles of Avery’s DNA? Well, the supposed false signature doesn’t help his case, so maybe, just maybe Zellner is onto something.

Meanwhile, in the Avery camp, Stephen’s mother Dolores has to undergo surgery to help with her circulation, and it doesn’t seem the Avery Salvage lot is doing any better with business at an all-time low. It’s a devastating insight into how this ordeal has impacted the families, regardless of who actually carried out the crime.

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Zellner also spent some time in this episode looking at other possible suspects because that is an integral part of her investigation. There need to be other people they can look at and her first target is Teresa’s roommate at the time, Scott, along with her ex, Ryan Hillegas.

Ryan is starting to look awfully suspicious after further investigation and it doesn’t help that Scott refused to do an interview after speaking with his lawyers. And we thought the case of Making A Murderer would eventually hit a dead end. Not even close.