The Walking Dead: Steven Yeun talks about Maggie moving on


Steven Yeun of The Walking Dead spoke about Maggie’s character moving on during Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta this past weekend–and he gives his blessing.

The Walking Dead has had a lot of deaths over the years but one of the toughest ones to endure was that of Glenn played by Steven Yeun. His death instigated a lot of resentment and hate within the plot of The Walking Dead and set the tone for the path his widow, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) would go on to take.

Over the weekend, old and new cast members gathered at the Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta to celebrate the fandom and Yeun spoke about Maggie moving on and her future after Glenn. It appears that Yeun gives his blessing to Maggie to move on, and says that is exactly what Glenn would want for her.

He said that to continue living one has to learn to move on and looking ahead, and for Maggie, it is now time for her to move forward. Yeun went as far as cracking a joke about Maggie trying her best to find someone better than Glenn because he doesn’t know how she could top him–and we totally agree.

If you’ve read The Walking Dead comics then you know that Maggie eventually has a relationship with someone named Dante, who has yet to appear on the show (if he even does). Others have speculated that the Savior Alden may be someone she sets her eyes on, but logistically Cohan’s return to the show in season 10 is still uncertain so it’s not likely at this time.

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This season Maggie has decided to take it upon herself to bring Negan to justice, and perhaps it is her confrontation with him that will eventually lead up to her potentially permanent exit from the series.

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